The staff over at ASTRO Gaming not only creates some of the best video game equipment around, but we also live by the philosophy of “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

As a tradition, we interview some of our staff to find out what we’ve been playing lately. If you want to play with us, send over a message online and we can maybe get some games going.

Walter – ASTRO Xariun – Event Director
After Hypefestation weekend, I told myself that I had to finally make time for Gears 3. I really enjoyed both of its predecessors and played the beta, so I was sure I was going to enjoy it. Embarrassingly, like many games on my shelf these days, this sat unopened waiting for me to have the time to give it the attention it deserved. After finally cracking it open, I fired up the campaign to re-familiarize myself with the controls before jumping into multiplayer. Epic really stepped up with the storyline on the third installment, and I’ve been cranking away towards completing it.

With completing one of the major storylines in Skyrim and at a perfect stopping point, I decided to take a bit of a break and start actually leveling my character on Star Wars: The Old Republic. All I’m going to say is that there is something really gratifying about tearing through humanoids while wielding dual lightsabers. That alone is a reason to pick this game up.

XBL GT: Xariun

Chris – ChChang – Graphic Designer
Star Wars: The Old Republic is one game that I am genuinely addicted to. I love how its a faster pace MMO, and I actually care about the class stories and decisions I make in-game. I play a level 50 Bounty Hunter Mercenary that I raid or do flashpoints with my guild and I’m loving it so far.

I love cooperative games like SWTOR, but I also enjoy playing competitive games like League of Legends. I find myself going back to LoL because Riot does a good job keeping me entertained with a free to play model and weekly updates of new champions or skins. Another reason I play LoL is because its a game that requires teamwork, microing, good decision making and is just plain fun with friends.

SWTOR: Starkey (Server: Daragon Trails)
LoL: MrNinja03
XBL: MisterNinja85

Phil – ASTRO Philthy – Support Team
Outside of work, I’ve decided that with Mass Effect 3’s launch date quickly approaching, I decided to go back and play through the first two games of the series for old time’s sake.  I started a new game up as a Sentinel on hardcore difficulty, with the extra ability to use an assault rifle as my perk from previous play-throughs.  I plan on keeping a well balanced team of carnage and conflict consisting of Wrex and Garrus for the first, and the Garrus and Grunt for the second.

When I get a bit frustrated from having to drive the Mako and what not I’m leveling a protection paladin in World of Warcraft to relax.  I’ve played WoW on and off as a warrior sense a few months after the game launched and I’ve done a good amount of tanking, so going back and playing as a prot pally is ridiculously easy and fun.

Randall – ASTRO Warblade – Community Manager
My gaming “list of shame” is growing. I tend to play the same games (Gears of War 3, Modern Warfare 3, etc.) while accumulating new games and never finish them. Case in point, I bought Sniper Warrior, Bioshock 2, and Fallout: New Vegas on a great special, and played only about 10 hours of one of those games. I also have neglected to play through Saints Row: The Third and Assassin’s Creed Revelations, both of which are great games. I need to find the time to just spend some major time getting through this list…

XBL GT: Warblade

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