Our friends over at Gamer Media Television have produced an inspiring video showing the personality and story behind an amateur Halo player. While this individual isn’t well-known and hasn’t played on a Top 8 team, this video shows his passion, talent, and dedication to gaming.

Dan Kruger is like many of us who have aspirations of playing video games on the professional level and want to prove to ourselves, our friends, or our families that we can do it.

ASTRO was happy to support Gamer Media Television’s efforts to tell Dan’s story. He’s a genuine guy who lives to compete and practices for hours using ASTRO and GUNNAR gear. Dan came out to MLG Anaheim last season to compete one last time before he moved to South Africa.  Returning to play at a MLG tournament was journey that took nearly 4 years, but he mentions that the moment he walked into the arena, he felt like he was home. This video showcases his journey.

What’s also cool about this video is it was originally produced and mixed in Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound using ASTRO A40 headsets. This was critical to capturing the feel of gaming, not only in the segments where Dan was playing in the BIC Free-For-All tournament, but also throughout the video. It’s unfortunate that YouTube doesn’t support Dolby 5.1 audio, but if you are using an ASTRO MixAmp when watching this video, the Dolby Pro Logic IIx output delivers a 4 channel surround sound mix that sounds amazing. We love that our gear is being used not just for gaming, but to improve the way we experience all forms of audio.

With another year of events and leagues starting in March, this will be the 6th season ASTRO’s been supporting eSports athletes and Pro Gaming events. Look for more posts in the coming weeks about our upcoming event schedule – we’re looking forward to seeing the many “Dans” out there, fighting for their chance to compete.