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The 2012 competitive schedule is already well under way, and MLG is kicking off their live events for spectators this weekend in Columbus, Ohio for the very first MLG Pro Circuit Winter Championship. Over 1,000 gamers will compete in StarCraft 2 and Halo Reach and in three new fighting games to the circuit, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur V, and King of Fighters XIII. With a combined $200,000 prize pool, it’s sure to draw out the best competitive gamers in the world.

ASTRO will continue to support the MLG and gamers by providing full MixAmp racks at all Halo team stations and the main stage, as well as at all PC setups for StarCraft 2. Competitors need only to plug their A40 or A30 headset in to our MixAmps for full Dolby 7.1 audio and be able to hear your teammates for crucial team communication.

Eon Instinct is set to defend their title after winning the MLG National Championship last November in Providence, RI. They remain one of just a few teams without any changes to their team or coach since the last competition. They’ve proven that with time, skill, and keeping their roster the same, that it can lead to winning several Halo titles. In the same fashion, Instinct has been an ASTRO supporter and used our gears for many years, and we were happy to partner with them and the rest of Eon for competitions throughout the year.

Be sure to catch all the live streams of the event, as the SD quality streams are free for the whole weekend at http://www.majorleaguegaming.com!