The staff over at ASTRO Gaming not only creates some of the best video game equipment around, but we also live by the philosophy of “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

As a tradition, we interview some of our staff to find out what we’ve been playing lately. If you want to play with us, send over a message online and we can maybe get some games going.

Stan – ASTRO stanimal – Partnership Marketing Manager

Not much really has changed since I’ve last updated, been rocking out WAY too much Battlefield 3 on PC and League of Legends. Kinda going back to my PC gaming roots right now, ya know? BF3 on PC is just something that I can’t kick. Either is rockin’ Ezreal in LoL. Might actually pick up a new champion to wreck with but SKILLSHOTS ARE WAY TOO MUCH FUN.

XBL GT: ASTRO stanimal

Andreas – ASTRO Nexy – Content Coordinator
Today was a very sad day for me. As I write this, I’m burning old photographs and shoveling Haagan Dazs Rocky Road ice cream into my face. This morning I telephoned Enrique and broke it off, for good.

Enrique is, or was, my Starcraft 2 partner. We had the best of times climbing the 2v2 ladder. Like any healthy relationship, we had our differences but always found a way to work through them. He played Protoss. I played Zerg. Our wacky play-styles melded into a lovely bond of destruction and bromance. Though, I had to end it. I’ll miss you Enrique, always and forever.

For today marks a new chapter in my life. Capcom’s Street Fighter x Tekken launched at midnight last night and I was 3rd in line at my local Game Stop. My phone buzzed endlessly with desperate texts from Enrique. I’m sure he pondered my absence for our late night Starcraft rendezvous. His imagination must’ve assumed the worst.

I rushed home, popped my new infatuation into the Xbox and with my trusty fight sticks in-lap, I began training. Yes, I feel guilty betraying my Protoss companion but there is no time for love when on a quest to be the greatest Street Fighter in all the land.

Enrique, if you reading this… I’m sorry.

XBL: The MLG Nexy

Randall – ASTRO Warblade – Community Manager
With the recent announcement of a new SimCity game by Maxis at last week’s GDC, it sparked an interest for me to break out the last game, SimCity 4. I grew up as a fan of the series, playing most of their simulation games (my favorite being SimAnt, where you control a colony of ants taking over a backyard). Maxis created some real life regions, so I’m trying to recreate the Bay Area, and started with Sunnvyvale and Santa Clara, two more suburban cities with high-tech industrial life. My goal is to work in the huge city of San Jose, then start to populate San Francisco, the crown jewel of the Bay Area. These games have always lacked the multiplayer component, but it’s been a good time killer while I ride my train to work.

On the Xbox, I’ve been delving into the story of Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, the last chapter of Ezio’s story. Ubisoft recently announced the upcoming title, Assassin’s Creed 3, where the setting changes completely to a American Revolution time period. It will be a breath of fresh air, though I hope they can keep all of the same rich history and iconic landmarks of the era that was shown in Rome and Istanbul.

XBL GT: Warblade

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