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ASTRO returns to Boston as the Official Headset of PAX East 2012! Not only that, but this will be the unveiling of our new booth! Products like our A40 Gaming Headset + MixAmp, A30 Cross-Gaming Headset, Transport Series bags and A*STARs will be available for purchase.

Our gear will also be outfitting a number of booths to provide some great audio with their games. Check out all the latest games and demos from developers like Ubisoft (Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Assassin’s Creed 3), Square Enix (Sleeping Dogs), Red 5 Studios (FireFall), Riot (League of Legends) and more.


* ASTRO Gaming Booth # 1018
* Riot Games – Booth # 690
* Wizards of the Coast – Booth # 462, 562
* Sega – Booth # – 448, 548
* Red 5 Studios – Booth # 536
* Square Enix – Booth # 850
* Ubisoft – Booth # 824, 836
* Perfect World Entertainment – Booth # 736
* Uber Entertainment – Booth # 1062

If you’re not attending, we still got your back. We’ll walk the floor for you, check out the games and give our opinion on the latest and greatest things at PAX East. Our crew will be posting pictures and videos each night of games we like, cosplay, our new booth, and more crazy antics all weekend. Be sure to check out our Facebook and YouTube for that exclusive content. For PAX East exclusive updates via our Twitter, check our our custom search parameters here.

-ASTRO Warblade