Starting immediately, ASTRO Gaming will be premiering the award winning A40 Audio System and the highly sought after Scout Backpack at select Best Buy retail locations. The full ASTRO Gaming collection will also be available at BestBuy.com too.

Click here to find out what Best Buy locations we’re currently at!

Tonight, we’re bringing in industry friends, media, top pro-gamers, and leading YouTube directors to our new offices to help us celebrate this next evolution for ASTRO.

To make things even more epic, starting at 7PM PST, we’ll be livestreaming a 2 hour Q&A with the biggest names in pro-gaming and YouTube. Check it out below:

WHAT: Join us as we host a Q&A with Team OpTic, Instinct, EnvyUs, and YouTube stars like xJawz, TmarTn, GoldGloveTV, OpTic H3CZ here on Twitch.tv.


WHERE: Twitch.TV – ASTROGaming

WHO: @Walshy304, @TomRyanOGRE2, @OpTicH3CZ, @TmarTn, @xJawz, and more.

Want to ask a question? Tweet at @ASTROgaming with the hashtag #ASTROlive and we’ll ask them on air. Do it and do it now.

Oh, and if you spot our gear at Best Buy, send us a pic on Twitter or Facebook!

– ASTRO stanimal

  1. jayhawkX

    Unfortunately, Best Buy’s days are numbered and they will go the way of Circuit City. But it’ll be nice to have a local option for Astro; At least for awhile. When ever a new version of the A40’s are released I will probably still order here, so Astro can pocket all the profits.

    1. Guest

      Just so you know Best Buy is the number one electronic store in the world, and holds the most % of the market. Best Buy closed big stores so they could open twice as many little stores. You will see smaller stores almost like the apple store vs the big box store you know now. Best Buy is not going anywhere!!

      1. jayhawkX

        ┬áThe only reason they are number one is that there’s not that many electronics stores left in the world. The number one electronics seller in the world is Amazon followed closely by Walmart. Best Buy has been hemorrhaging money for the better part of the decade. Their business model is flawed and has changed upper management about as much as they change their underwear.

  2. Chicago-Rican

    Now I just have to wait till they come to a Bestbuy that is in Chicago and not in a couple suburbs outside of the city. I figured a big city like Chicago would get it first, guess not, all well I can wait.

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