Welcome to our new ASTRO website! Our interactive web team has been hard at work to put together this new site featuring some great ways to display our products, enabling setup videos to view right in the product pages, ratings and reviews, and more. Right on our home page you can stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. We’re also listing upcoming eSports events that we’re a part of, our latest blog posts, and Twitter feed.


Adding the right accessory to your purchase has never been easier, as a list of those accessories are listed just below the “Add to Cart” button. A new image carousel with larger images show off our line of gear with just that right amount of swag. Be part of our community by writing a review on your favorite product or help others by answering questions and you can become one of our website’s top contributors.


Finally our blog has been revamped and updated to match our website. We will continue to bring the latest updates on what ASTRO is doing in the eSports world, gaming coverage, giveaways with our partners, and more through our blog.


If you happen to come across a bug or see something that we missed on our website, would you do a favor and email us at bugs@astrogaming.com?


-ASTRO Warblade

  1. Mitchell

    New site is looking great!

    Kudos to the team!

    ASTRO Gaming Forums Community Leader

  2. Ashton Hobbs

    Site looking AWESOME!!! Now you guys just need to bring back the 5.8 MixAmp Base station 🙂

  3. rms

    Hi, the main main Mixamp page conflicts with the the specifications page on the length of the included Toslink cable.  One page shows “3′ “, which I interpret as 3 feet, while the other says 3M, which I assume is 3 meters.  Just a heads up.

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