ASTRO AT E3 2012

It’s that time of the year again. I can certainly tell when E3 has arrived by the shear amount of friends and Pages on Facebook grouping the “E3” postings by topic. This year at E3 ASTRO continues to  partner with some of the best companies in the industry and outfit their booths with the superior audio needs provided by our A40s, A30s, and MixAmps. All in all, there will be close to 800 of our headsets and gear used throughout the E3 show floor.


If you’re lucky enough to attend E3, you can find and play with our gear out at the following booths and games:



ASTRO Nexy and some of our Team Eon members will be present with our video crew to capture highlights of the show, right from the floor. We’ll be posting videos to our YouTube throughout the week with some of the largest YouTube personalities in gaming. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to view our latest content.


In addition to all of the on floor presence with our partners, we’re also holding an off-site meeting room for media to preview a new product. Details to release at the start of E3, so stay tuned!


-ASTRO Warblade


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