Brace yourselves: The A50’s are coming

We’ve had to keep quiet for two years before we were able to show off the ASTRO A50 wireless system to the public. Not being able to tell your friends and family about the innovative goodness we’ve been tirelessly working on for all that time is almost impossible, especially for someone with a big mouth, like myself.


It was a long wait and it all came down to E3 2012. The team at ASTRO held meeting after meeting in our private room with countless gaming and tech journalists and personalities. Finally, I can run my mouth.



The ASTRO A50 wireless system is HERE. The feedback from E3 was overwhelming. IGN details the product saying the new ASTRO A50’s have, “done the impossible – perfected perfection”. Now that feels good. Here are what other popular outlets reporting on the A50 system.


Engadget.com – Astro Gaming A50 wireless surround sound headset hands-on

Gamerlive.tv – Interview: Astro Gaming Talks New Wireless A50 Gaming Headset

Hardwarelust.com – E3 Hardware Preview: Astro A50 Wireless Headset System

Attackofthefanboy.com – Astro A50 Headphones Hands-on Preview

Pantoric.com – Astro A50 Wireless Headset Preview

Stickskills.com – Astro A50 Wireless Headset Available for Pre-Order

360sync.com – Astro Gaming Opens Pre-Ordering For A50′s

Yahoo.com – Hands on Look at Astro’s New Wireless A50 Model

Worthplaying.com – Hardware Preview – ‘Astro Gaming A50 Audio System’


And these are just some of the highlights from E3. This is simply the beginning and the work ahead is quite exciting. We’ve teamed up with world-class lifestyle photographer, James Chiang, to capture the atmosphere the A50’s create. Here’s a sneak peak at one of the shoots that took place at the ASTRO Studios office starring some friends of ASTRO Gaming.


[nggallery id=162]


Last but not least, some of the EON members have received there A50 Audio System already. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a plethora of reviews and previews over the next few weeks. Here’s ONS1AUGH7’s unboxing video.



Be amongst the first to hear the A50s. Pre-order the A50 Audio System now.



– ASTRO Nexy

  1. Jamesil

    This is why i buy from Astro everytime, quality and humour.

    Had my a40s years now, may be time for an audio upgrade soon…. we shall see 😀

  2. JohnHannah

    Awesome I can’t wait to get the A60’s that will be more expensive then a next generation console and that poor people who aren’t filthy rich like me can’t afford.

  3. password

    It’s the end of July and no news on when these will be released in the UK. I am very disappointed in many companies keeping us in the dark about when they will actually be released. Think I will buy some new trittons instead as they have been released.

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