Last week I showed you some behind the scenes footage, early E3 reviews and unboxing videos. This week you can own your very own ASTRO A50’s. The ASTRO A50’s are now available for purchase and shipping now.


We’ve had an overwhelming amount of pre-orders over the last few weeks which validates the incredible effort it took creating the ASTRO A50’s. You have to imagine that their is always a moment of uncertainty when releasing an new and innovative product.


Will people care that we’re using the latest and greatest wireless 5.8 technology, Kleernet? Was shoving an entire MixAmp into the right can of the headset worth it? Will anyone notice the audio improvements and presets we’ve added to the headset since the ASTRO A40’s? Well, according to the pre-orders, our questions were answered. From everyone here at ASTRO Gaming, THANK YOU for supporting our ridiculous ideas. We know you’ll love the ASTRO A50’s.


We are proud to announce that the ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset is available for purchase and SHIPPING NOW. Find out for yourself why IGN says that the ASTRO A50’s have “done the impossible, perfected perfection”. Be one of the first to experience the wireless 5.8 Kleernet technology, fully integrated Dolby 7.1 MixAmp and professionally designed audio presets. Have a look for yourself at the ASTRO A50 product page.



I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Two weeks prior, I spoke on a panel at VidCon about video and video games. Last week Xariun and I visited Hank Baskett and friends to celebrate the grand opening of his latest business venture, Performance Gaines training facility. We brought along the talented folks at ThriveForMore to shoot a video with Hank Baskett, his secret gaming lair and training facility. I’m very proud and excited to share this with all of you. Expect to learn more about the project in next weeks blog.



After Los Angeles, Xariun and I headed straight to San Diego to meet up with Stanimal and support all of our friends at ComicCon. From Capcom, Ubisoft, IGN and Square Enix all hosted the ASTRO A40 systems in their booths for fans to try out the latest games with full 5.8 Dobly surround sound audio. You can check out some of the photo’s we took at ComicCon over on our Facebook album.


Now I’m hopping on a flight to New York City to kick-off the A50 media tour. While Aron and Bella lock down the west coast, Stanimal and I will be heading back to our hometown to demonstrate what makes the A50’s so special.


Here’s ONS1AUGH7’s review of the ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset.


Last but not least, here’s round two of the ASTRO A50 media round up. Here’s what some popular news outlets are saying.


Diehard Gamefan – ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset
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Gamertag Radio – ASTRO A50’s Hands On
CVGames – Hands On With A50
GamerFitNation – “Elegance and Sophistication”


I’ve gotta start a load of laundry. See you next week and enjoy the A50’s.

– ASTRO Nexy

  1. Jared_k56

    I agree with Branden I preordered mines first day June 26 and still haven’t been shipped when other people who have ordered after me have already got theirs….so what’s the reason????

  2. Alex58532000

    has anyone noticed the in & out cutting sound going on with the A50’s during gameplay?

    1. Maya

      Yes it’s really annoying Need more people to complain about this issue to get it fixed.

  3. Louis

    We bought the A50 but the PS3 doesn’t comunicate with the mix, so we can’t turn it on. How is it possible that the PS3 doesn’t refill it? It’s always a problem with the astro. We didn’t get a answer from Astro, so the service is zero! We don’t recommend it to anybody!

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