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ASTRO at PAX Prime 2012

The Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is a three day festival that focuses exclusively on gaming. You can expect publishers and developers to entertain with unreleased games and hardware. Veteran industry folk will educate and inspire on various panels. You may choose to partake in tournaments, concerts or wild after parties. But my favorite part of PAX is sharing my passion with likeminded gamers from all over the world.


Our team will be at PAX in full force. If you’re attending, we urge you to swing by the ASTRO booth (booth 3217) to check out our gear, hang out with our crew and spend some quality time with our gaming stations.



We are pumped to announce that we will be debuting Dark Vale’s FORGE, fully playable, exclusively in the ASTRO gaming booth. Forge is a class based MMO that focuses on PvP combat with an FPS feel. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on it. If you’d like to learn more about Forge, check out their website, www.playforgewar.com


Additionally, you’ll be able to find our gear in some of our friends booths around the exhibition hall. Here are some of the places ASTRO may pop up.


Digipen (Annex)
Double Fine (Booth 3010)
Hi-Rez Studios (Booth 652)
Konami (Booth 442)
Sega (Booth 242, 252)
EA (Booth 232)
Deep Silver (Booth 6309)
Red 5 Studios (Booth 3103, 3203)
Riot (Booth 6bc)
Adhesive/Meteor (Booth 3830)
Machinima (Booth 6100, 6101)
Ubisoft (Booth 612, 632, 832)
Capcom (Booth 3425)
Square Enix (Booth 3625)
Perfect World (Booth 3603)
Wizards of the Coast (Booth 1132, 1142)


If you aren’t attending this year, have no fear. I’ve got you covered. I’ll be heading up the ASTRO content army, a highly-trained group of warriors with one simple mission: bring you an exclusive inside look at PAX. We’ll be covering the event with three days of blogs, photo’s and video recaps. We want to make you feel like you’re right there with us.


Additionally, special guest Lisa Malambri will play host to our daily PAX videos. She’ll be bringing you a closer look at some of the hottest games and with a little luck, catch up with developers and personalities. Is their something you’d like her to check out while she’s on the show floor? Shoot us a tip on our Facebook or Twitter. And as always, stay tuned to our YouTube for all the video goodness.


For this blog entry I wanted to do something special. I asked PAX veteran, Stanimal, to to put together a playlist that harnesses his love for the show. I requested 10-15 songs and he came back with this.


Day 1 PAX Playlist by Stanimal


Day 2 PAX Playlist by Stanimal


Day 3 PAX Playlist by Stanimal


He goes on to write, “You know the crazy blur of memories you get after each PAX? The non-stop festivities during the day and then all the kick-ass parties at night… It’s exactly why you come back year after year. Now imagine if you could put a soundtrack to every moment you experience at PAX. That’s what this playlist is going to be all about.

With the insanity that PAX is known for, listening to the right song might be exactly what you need to capture those special moments. You have some fun electronica to get psyched for the evenings, synth sounds for a nostalgic feel, and your usual smattering of indie for a good time. Each playlist is setup with the songs that generally match my emotions per day so if you want the full effect, don’t hit shuffle.


Stan loves PAX.


The three days of PAX festivities begin Friday, August 31st. Once again, come say hello to ASTRO gaming in booth 3217. If you’re home, make sure to stay locked to our YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for all the glorious PAX updates.


– ASTRO Nexy


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