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Instinct preparing for Halo 4

With Halo 4 on the horizon, the Halo: Reach competitive scene has died down quite a bit, until now. Last weekend, Arena Gaming League played host to what could be the final Halo: Reach tournament ever.


Many of Halo’s strongest players were in attendance competing to be the final standing team of the weekend. One of those teams was ASTRO’s very own, Instinct.


Last we saw Team Instinct in their entirety was at MLG’s Halo: Reach Columbus event. This was a tournament that would go down in the record books. If you recall, Instinct met up with friendly rivals, Status Quo, in the Grand Finals. On this occurrence, Status Quo would come out the victors but Instinct left some bold words for the opposing squad.


“We are going to win next tournament no matter what. SQ we’re coming for you and we’re taking the next Halo event.” – Pistola



When the dust settled at AGL, Instinct was the final team standing. It was a hard road for the team that was taking a break from competitive Halo. For such a decorated team of players, they were even considered the underdogs in the later stages of the tournament. But in the end, Instinct accomplished everything they are known for, winning. While Status Quo was not in attendance at the AGL tournament, this win in Columbus will certainly send a shockwave to all of the Halo teams around the country.


The next stop for Team Instinct will be MLG Dallas’ Halo 4 competition November 2nd-4th. I’ll be there with my video team creating ASTRO True Stories: Team Instict PART 2.


Lastly, I’ll leave you with the final games from the Championship Match at Arena Gaming League this weekend featuring Instinct.




– ASTRO Nexy

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