ASTRO & Xbox One: Microsoft’s Headset Adapter

10 Mar

*Update 3/17/14 5:00pm*

We are currently testing a firmware update for our A50 Wireless headset, and MixAmpTM Pro to alleviate issues related to the Microsoft Xbox One stereo chat adapter. We will release a final build when we are satisfied that the update produces ASTRO Gaming audio quality. This is anticipated to be somewhere between 03/19 and 03/22. ~Thadeous

Voice communication on Xbox One

Since the release of the Xbox Headset Adapter we’ve seen reports of customers encountering voice quality issues when using the Xbox Headset Adapter and our MixAmp Pro or A50 TXD. We’d like to acknowledge your concerns, confirm that ASTRO engineers have found the root cause, and we’re working on a firmware solution to be released within the week. We will release this firmware update with a blog post & set up instructions. Please bear with us & stay tuned to our social media feeds for updates.

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If you have questions about your ASTRO products and warranty, please contact our website support team by submitting a Support Request.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding as we work to keep the ASTRO Family communicating & gaming strong!


-ASTRO Siege


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