Xbox One Compatibility Update

06 May

On 3/21/2014 we released the 5003 firmware update for the MixAmp Pro address the static issue reported by some of our users when playing on Xbox One consoles. This firmware update included:

  • – Reducing the mic volume, thus killing the static
  • – Optimized side tone tuning for new mic levels
  • – Fixed side tone bug on Xbox mode boot
  • – Increased overall compatibility with the Xbox One Stereo Chat Adapter.

While this update did improve voice quality for the majority of the Xbox One gamers among us, others experienced aggravated difficulty which included “low outgoing voice volume” and “high-pitched feedback”. Dissatisfied with this as a solution for our ASTRO Family, we have been working with Microsoft Xbox to identify the source of the issue.

Microsoft Xbox has developed a firmware update for the chat adapter that will resolve the static without reducing the microphone volume. However, if you did download the 5003 firmware update for your A40 MixAmp, you will want to revert back to the 3374 firmware to ensure optimal performance with these new changes to the chat adapter. This update should also resolve the static occurring with the A50s and further firmware updates are not needed at this time.

PC Download

*For Windows based operating systems.*
1. Download the .zip file by clicking on the PC DOWNLOAD button.
2. Extract the .zip file once it completes downloading.
3. Run the executable file you just extracted and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Mac Download

*For MAC OS operating systems.*
1. Download the .dmg file by clicking on the MAC DOWNLOAD button.
2. Double Click the .dmg file once it completes downloading.
3. Follow the onscreen directions to update your firmware.
Reverting back to the MixAmp Pro v. 3374 firmware, should resolve the high-pitched feedback issue.

Thank you again for sticking with us as we worked through this together. Your patience and feedback has been invaluable to finding a resolution. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact our customer relations team.

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