ASTRO 700K: Dank Memes

Congrats! @lilAztecc you won the #ASTRO700K Dank Meme Giveaway! Thanks for the awesome meme and thanks for playing, ASTRO Family!

dank winner



Last weekend we reached 700k followers on Twitter, and to say thanks for your support, we’re doing an A50 Wireless Headset giveaway!

To enter there are two requirements:

1. Tweet at us an original meme. The dankier the meme, the better, because: dank memes.

2. Use the hashtag #ASTRO700K.

We’ll gather the 20 dankiest memes from the week, and randomly select our A50 Headset winner from the pool. We’ll also share your meme in a tweet & blog post which will live forever in infamy on our website. So #worth.


And that’s it, ladies and gentlemen:

– Step 1: Dank Meme

– Step 2: Tag & Post Meme

– Step 3: Dankest = Win!

Screenshot 2015-10-19 17.01.23




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