ASTRO Crew Holiday Gift Guide!

The Holiday Season is upon us (already?!) and everyone knows that means presents! We spend a lot of time online at ASTRO HQ and thought we could offer you some interesting ideas for that special someone this season. So we polled the office and made a list!

Without further ado, we preset to you the ASTRO Crew’s Holiday Gift Guide! (Warning: it’s pretty Star Wars-heavy. For reasons.)


1. Han Solo Fridge. Because nothing quenches thirst like Han in carbonite.

Han Solo Fridge


2. Star Wars Duvet Covers. Sleep like a Sith Lord. 



3. R2D2 USB Hub. This IS the hub you’re looking for!



4. Kickstarter Spellbook. “I funded this Kickstarter for you. Your gift will arrive in 1-6 years, maybe.” 



5. TravelBoy Carry-On Luggage. Show those airports just how awesomely nerdy you are. 

travel boy


6. Portal Lunchbox. Think outside the lunchbox.



7. Death Star Tea Infuser. Judge me by my size, do you?

tea bagggggs


8. HP 15.6″ Star Wars Special Darkside Edition Notebook. Play like the Dark Side, but better.

lap dark


9. Portal Gun. Impress your friends with this bad boy.



10. Cat Butt Magnets. Because cat butt.



11. DX Racer Chair. Reppin Black Ops III!



12. ASTRO Flak Jacket. Hella sweet.



13. PlayStation 4 500GB Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront Console. Did we mention this was Star Wars heavy?

darth ps4


14. Elgato HD60 Pro. Capture ALL the games!



15. Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker. Delicious, delicious star of death.



16. AdventureTime Jake Pocket Hoodie. If you can’t be yourself, be Jake. 



17. BOOMco Halo Covenant Needler Blaster. Everyone’s favorite Halo gun!



18. Bungie Engram 4-Pack. Aw yes, Destiny goodness!



19. Xbox One Elite Controller. It’s… beautiful.



20. ASTRO A40 + MixAmp TR. Well of course it’s on the list! But trust us… so worth.



Stay tuned for next week’s Holiday Guide Part 2, where we poll the ASTRO Family for your gift ideas, and bring you an equally snazzy list. GG ASTRO FAMILY!

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