Day of the Devs – 2015

Indie games are incredibly vital to the games industry and we can’t get enough. Individual developers, unfettered from the rules of bigger companies, are able to pursue innovative, inspiring, and ground-breaking concepts that drive trends in the industry overall.



Indie games and their developers are driving forces behind breakthrough art, story, mechanics and technology. At ASTRO, we feel supporting these risk-takers gives the industry the spark it needs to stay progressive and keep us excited.



We were proud to help sponsor the second annual Day of the Devs presented by DoubleFine and iam8bit in San Francisco on November 7th. The event was free to the public and streamed on Twitch with food, music, drinks, tons of great games played on ASTRO Headsets.



While at the event, we had the opportunity to demo some incredible indie games. Below, OverlandCuphead, Gang Beasts, and Night in the Woods. A more complete list can be found here. Overall, the use of VR tech was one of the more impressive innovations of the event, demonstrating how we are indeed only at the beginning of a new realm of gaming.



Many thanks to DoubleFine and iam8bit for hosting such a fun event and letting us contribute! Special shout-out to T.J. Zawadzki, who generously shared his photography for this blog. Find his entire Flickr set here

See you next year! GG ASTRO Family!



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