Insomnia 59

We are heading to the N.E.C. in Birmingham this weekend, the home of the UK’s largest gaming festival, Multiplay’s Insomnia. Hosting it’s 59th edition, this guarantees to be another weekend of gaming excitement whether you’re a casual gamer, eSports professional, YouTube fan, or just love attending a good exhibition, i59 has everything your heart desires.


The eSports aspect of Insomnia will see the 3000+ gamers in attendance playing casually or competitively on their favorite games, whether that’s individually or with teammates in tournaments such as; Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, League of Legends, Overwatch, and many more.


For exhibition visitors, here is your chance to try out some of your favourite brands latest tech, the ASTRO Booth will feature the new A50 Wireless + Base Station for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4! If competition is what you are after, make sure to jump on our 12 freeplay stations where you can experience our A40 + MixAmp TR with Mod Kits while showing off your Overwatch skills.



Maybe this weekend is all about fun with friends whilst watching games and having a good time with a few drinks along the way. There will be plenty of big YouTubers around the event, doing signings, fan meets up, and shows on the exhibition stage.

Make sure If you are attending this weekend to visit the ASTRO Booth and play some Overwatch and keep a look out for our daily giveaway & the opportunity to win your very own A40 TR Headset!

Follow us at @ASTROGamingUK where we will be posting updates and pictures throughout the show, including how to enter our ASTRO Booth competitions!

See you all at Insomnia59! #ASTROfamily