ASTRO Gaming x Logitech G


ASTRO Gaming was forged out of a passion for solving problems for esports players and hard core games by merging elegant design and superior engineering. We are just as serious about gaming as you are, and we believe that with our design innovation, our products give gamers the competitive edge they need for success.

We are stoked to share the next step in our company’s evolution: joining Logitech G, a team who shares our passion for gaming and design. Logitech G’s longstanding excellence in PC gaming has drawn admiration from us for years, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to team up with them to bring our gaming expertise together.

We believe our history of producing award-winning headsets for pro esports and console gamers perfectly complements the PC gaming expertise Logitech G is best known for, and we are looking forward to delivering excellence gamers have come to expect. Together we’ve got gamers covered no matter what platform they play on.

We’re better together. And we can’t wait to get playing.

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5 Comments on “ASTRO Gaming x Logitech G

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  3. Can we expect the same quality moving forward. Also I really hope that you are keeping the Astro Branding.

  4. Now if you guys can add Dolby Atmos Headphone and DTS:X Headphone that would rock

    • Dolby Atmos is provided on both Windows 10 based systems and Xbox One. All of our headsets are fully compatible with the Atmos offered on these two systems.