Holiday Gift Guide #4: Desk Job Survival Kit

Today’s holiday gift guide is for you 9-5 desk jockeys out there (or anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk!) We know the pain of having a boring, uninspiring desk which is why we assembled this package to get you through the daily grind beneath fluorescent lighting. If you’re looking for some inspiration to add some colorful corporate buzzwords into someone’s life this holiday, we got some great ideas in this bundle that will increase productivity, lower overhead, and other business terms! 

Nothing conveys your enthusiasm for paperwork quite like a “Meh” coffee mug. It’s ‘k. It’s perfect.

To counter-balance that feeling of “meh”, we added a 2018 Bob Ross Calendar to get you out of a bad mood (and help you find your inner happy little accident.) Everyone loves Bob Ross: his soothing voice, his amazing hair, and his zen-like way of looking at life. This calendar will have you saying “Happy Little Wednesdays” before you know it! 

We know that Monday – Friday grind can be tough. So we got you a different kind of grind: a bag of delicious, SF-based Ritual Coffee espresso! Drink one (or three) espressos just prior to that afternoon meeting and you’ll be super amped to talk about all kinds of corporate buzzwords, like synergy! This harvest has flavors of strawberry candy, red apple, and a caramel finish. Team that equally with the smooth yet spicy florality of the Organic Aramo (a perennial heirloom favorite from Ethiopia), and you’ve got one festive combo. Whatever that means… 

What good is delicious espresso without some way to mass-consume it for those boring meetings? An Osaka Cold Brew coffee maker is just the thing for you! Easily brew a delicious, smooth cold brewed coffee, with this slow drip extract process, that guarantees much lower acidity than regular coffee in just 4 easy steps! Be a part of the cold brew coffee culture without ever leaving your desk/home and without dealing with those withering hipster baristas. Create deliciously smooth coffee in a matter of hours. It also doubles as entertainment, like watching paint dry! 

Honestly, this is Lindsay’s favorite bundle because coffee is life, and it helps her to get through office hours. If you have anyone in your life who also toils at a desk without windows, we think this bundle has some great ideas to keep anyone from getting Cabin Fever. And hey! Enter to win everything on this list in the widget down below! 
Holiday Gift Guide #4


Don’t forget to nominate a friend to win an Xbox One X and an A50 Wireless + Base Station and you too could win your own A50 Wireless + Base Station! Enter in the widget down below: winners will be announced December 15th! GLHF! 

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