Holiday Gift Guide Grand Prize: Xbox One X

Real talk, fam: who remembers asking Santa for a brand new Nintendo Entertainment System way back in the day? How about a N64? We remember when the first Xbox came out, and yep: we asked for that, too. Seeing the box wrapped up in pristine wrapping paper… you knew what it was and you knew you’d spend the rest of your winter break playing video games on your new system. Nothing beat that feeling, right? 

The old adage is true: giving is better than getting. And the ASTRO Gaming Crew wants to help YOU share that spirit of the holidays. We all have some friends of who maybe don’t have the means of getting to game with you because they rage-smashed their console. Perhaps someone had a really rough year and could use a little holiday cheer. Or maybe you just really love your friend and want to show them how much you care.

Until December 14th, we’re taking your nomination of a friend to win a brand new Xbox One X and an A50 Wireless + Base Station. Tell us why your friend should win that old familiar feeling, and if your friend is chosen, YOU will also get a little something for being such a great friend: your own A50 Wireless + Base Station so you can play together! 

The winner of the Grand Prize will be announced on December 15th, and you’ll be notified as well. Enter in the widget below! 

Thanks for being a part of the ASTRO family! Happy holidays! 

Share the Spirit Xbox One X Giveaway

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6 Comments on “Holiday Gift Guide Grand Prize: Xbox One X

  1. Giving is truly an indescrible feeling of bliss. It would be so amazing to gift my friend the X for Christmas! Thanks Astro for the chance to make my friend’s holidays!

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