ASTRO Follows: Filthy Casual Co.

16 Sep

It’s 6:20pm on Day 1 of PAX West, and we cruise around the freshly-closed Expo Hall. Our first stop, obviously is to investigate the World of Warcraft booth: we are able to see Doomhammer sans the throngs of people. The place is wholly different with the florescent lights on. We linger in the Rooster Teeth...

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PAX South 2016 Roundup!

04 Feb

We had a kick-ass time in San Antonio for the 2nd PAX South! All 3 days were packed streaming on the ASTRO channel, catching up with our partners, and meeting up with new fans & ASTRO Family members. We sold out of the PAX South-exclusive A40 Speaker Tags and our A40 TRs by the end...

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DreamHack Winter 2015

25 Nov

Are you going to DreamHack Winter 2015? We'll see you there! And this time we're bringing the brand new A40 + MixAmp TR with us. First things first, CSGO. We'll be rooting for ASTRO Family Pros Team EnVyUs, all weekend long as they compete for their share of $250,000 in the FACEIT CS:GO League Season Finale. The action...

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30 Aug

No other event in the games industry quite compares to PAX Prime, and 2015 is proving to be a crazy year. Streaming from every booth lets people experience the show from home, making industry events more accessible than ever before. Whether you’re here in-person or not, we are stoked about our new booth, and we...

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Instagram Roundup – March 2015

01 Apr

March was an action packed month. The ASTRO Gaming crew traveled to Boston for PAX East, and then down to L.A. for Cod Champs, picking up some amazing shots along the way. We had more than enough ammo for the Instagram Roundup, making it incredibly hard to pick my  favorites. I've done my best to...

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09 Jan

  We're kicking off the first PAX South with a bang and a chance to win a wide range of ASTRO prizes! To win, join the ASTRO Family for meet & greets, a photo scavenger hunt, and a special in-booth Halo Challenge. _____________________________ UPDATE - 1/16: We're excited to announce a series of Meet & Greets with the...

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The A38 Launch Party at KNOWN Gallery

20 Oct

On September 20th, we celebrated the long-anticipated release of our A38 Bluetooth Headset. Artists and gamers alike gathered together for a party unlike any we’ve thrown before. In collaboration with The Seventh Letter, the KNOWN Gallery was filled with food from Free Range LA, drinks from Ole Smoky Moonshine and House Beer as well as...

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UMG Nashville

08 Oct

UMG Gaming is happening this weekend (Oct 10th-12th) in Nashville, TN. This Call of Duty showdown is officially sponsored by ASTRO Gaming and will involve over $50,000 in prizes. UMG Nashville is fully Powered by ASTRO with over 200 MixAmps for the main stage, featured stage, pool play, players’ lounge and casters who will be...

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A38 Launch Event With Seventh Letter!

19 Sep

After a long process of testing, gathering feedback and making adjustments, the A38 headset is finally ready. The A38 is incredibly comfortable, delivers clean sound, features Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling technologies, and is easy to pair with your phone, tablet or laptop. It also features our unique speaker tag system which allows users to personalize the...

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ASTRO at Pax Prime 2014

22 Aug

Fantastic Things and Where to Find Them!   Pax Prime is next week, PAX PRIME IS NEXT WEEK! And we're just the tiniest bit excited about it. Sneak previews about upcoming games, panels with some of our favorite developers--and of course, some friendly competition on the digital battlefield. We understand there's a lot to see...

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