Stream Dream: Engage the Audience

30 Mar

It is Day 1. Your computer is on, games are loaded, stream is locked in and you go live. You excitedly greet your audience of... no one. If you have spent any time watching the plethora of streamers out there you will notice a very difficult challenge: if you don’t have anyone to talk to,...

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ASTRO Speaker Tag Customizer Guide

04 Mar

We’ve updated our ASTRO Tag Customizer, and it’s more powerful than ever before. The ASTRO customization engine enables you to customize and print your own designs directly on A40 and A30/A38 Speaker Tags. Seeing as this is a brand new tool, we want to help make sure you have everything you need to get the...

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Stream Dream: Getting Started

24 Feb

Oh, to have that highly prized streamer life! Just imagine: waking up and starting your day whenever you want to, because you’re a streamer and you get to set your own hours. When you’re ready, you sit down and set up your PC or console to your favorite game and press that “Broadcast” button. And...

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ASTRO Crew Holiday Gift Guide!

10 Nov

The Holiday Season is upon us (already?!) and everyone knows that means presents! We spend a lot of time online at ASTRO HQ and thought we could offer you some interesting ideas for that special someone this season. So we polled the office and made a list! Without further ado, we preset to you the ASTRO Crew's Holiday Gift...

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#PAXSTRO Photo Scavenger Hunt

21 Aug

PRIME TIME!   If you are joining the ASTRO Family at PAX Prime this year, be sure to check out our photo scavenger hunt for a chance to win an Xbox One prize bundle! There will be tons of activities to enjoy every day, and we want to see you having fun. Get your cameras ready, and...

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League Of Legends: ASTRO Community Cup!

03 Apr

League Of Legends A30 Headsets   It's time to league up! The LCS Season 14 is in full swing and we're excited to announce that ASTRO has partnered with MOBAFire to premier the ASTRO Community Cup, an online League Of Legends tournament! MOBAFire is a popular League Of Legends strategy guide source and a leader in online competitive...

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Xbox One Setup Guide – A30 & A40 + MixAmp Pro

02 Apr

The Microsoft Stereo Chat Adapter has been release for the Xbox One, and we thought it was about time for us to update our connection guide. A30 & A40 Audio Systems   Downloading the latest firmware for your MixAmp Pro. Before you begin connecting your MixAmp Pro to the Xbox One be sure to update...

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ASTRO & Xbox One: Microsoft’s Headset Adapter

10 Mar

*Update 3/17/14 5:00pm* We are currently testing a firmware update for our A50 Wireless headset, and MixAmpTM Pro to alleviate issues related to the Microsoft Xbox One stereo chat adapter. We will release a final build when we are satisfied that the update produces ASTRO Gaming audio quality. This is anticipated to be somewhere between...

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Get Your Order By Christmas Day.

16 Dec

It's the holiday season and the ASTRO Gaming Crew is in high spirits. Christmas is just around the corner and we want to make sure that everyone gets their gifts on time. The ASTRO Crew put together some wonderful calendars to help the ASTRO community know when to order to make sure that their holiday...

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Xbox One Setup Guide

05 Dec

Next Gen is now current gen, and we want to make sure that the ASTRO community knows exactly how to take full advantage of their ASTRO Gaming products with the new Xbox One. We spent some time in the office playing with our own Xbox One, shooting these photos and writing up some simple step...

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