MLG Toronto 2008

For the second straight Pro Circuit event, the Astro A40’s swept the competition, once again winning ALL THREE events – Halo 3, Gears of War and Rainbow Six: Vegas.

First we saw The INSAN3Z taking down the Gears of War title, then vVv ReWriTTeN repeating as Rainbow Six champs and then, in the prime time slot, Str8 Rippin emphatically taking down their second Halo3 title of the year. Congrats everyone – and yeah, we know that our headsets aren’t actually *winning* these events, but can’t you hear the ghost of Mars Blackman out there… “is it the Astros? Huh? Is it? Is it?? It’s GOTTA be the Astros!”

Six straight championships from teams wearing our headphones and counting…

Outside of the competition, things were a little strange. This tour stop for the MLG was held in conjunction with Fan Expo – a 20,000-person festival of all things sci-fi, horror, anime and comic book related. You could hardly take a step without bumping into a Storm Trooper, or a Dark Knight or witnessing a phenomenon called LARPing. If you don’t know what LARPing is, don’t ask. Just suffice it to say that it stands for Live Action Role Playing.

Congrats again to The INSAN3Z, vVv ReWriTTeN, and Str8 Rippin. Great tournament, all around.

See y’all in the Big D October 3rd-5th!

Ben noonan