Perfect Pair: The 3G iPhone and the A40 Headset

While the time-honored question of Will it Blend? has already been answered in regard to the iPhone itself, a lot of people don't know that the iPhone and the A40 Headset provide a seamless blend of audio player, mobile phone and all-in-one headset combination.

Due to the A40 Headset’s adoption of the iPhone friendly 4-pole connector jack, the A40 simply plugs into the 3G iPhone and works great — right out of the box. You’ll no longer need to compromise with poor quality audio headphones or an inferior microphone — the A40 Headset provides class-leading audiophile sound and voice quality, while providing hours of comfortable wear.

Plugging the A40 Headset into your iPhone will enable you to swap effortlessly between music, movies, and phone calls. Treat yourself to a simplified setup when you are traveling and the perfect desk solution at work or home.

So, if you have an iPhone, go ahead and give the A40 Headset a try — you’ll understand why we think the A40 is truly the world’s most versatile headset!

Ben noonan