What are we playing this weekend?

The ASTRO Gaming crew doesn't just sit around making awesome gaming equipment, sometimes we actually have time to game! Wanna join us? Here's what we are playing...

The ASTRO Gaming crew doesn’t just sit around making awesome gaming equipment, sometimes we actually have time to game! Wanna join us? Here’s what we are playing…

Mass Effect still holds center stage on the big screen — checking off all of the achievements turned out to be a much bigger commitment than I’d anticipated. Sort of like that time I signed up for the French Foreign Legion after being promised free haircuts and all-you-can-eat croissants. Long story.

Anyways, a couple more hours of Geth-mashing for my C-U-next-tuesday protagonist and I’ll be fully prepped for the sequel. The promise of porting my badass character to the next game is extremely compelling, but fraught with plot-twisting peril. If anyone can pull this off, it’s got to be BioWare.

Switching gears a bit, I’m just about to go off to camp — that is, in the Harry Potter IMAX 3D queue. I have to admit that I’m looking forward to hanging out in line with my new DSi since it will give me a chance to continue playing one of the best games I’ve picked up this year: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.

Yeah, yeah, super hardcore, I know–AND late to the party. But this little Zelda game has everything: intricate puzzles, great characters, high seas adventure, endless exploration, genuine humor…and at times, pure and simple joy. I really didn’t think that I could ever get back the wonderful feeling of triumph that I had when I was a little kid playing with Link for the very first time.

I was wrong. Dead wrong. Gonna have to wrap my Gryffindor scarf really tight tonight to hide the uncontrollable smiles.

XBL GT: PA Stormy

Things never happen as planned, especially many of my weekends. This means that my quest for combing through NYC in Prototype finding little glowing orbs didn’t get checked off the “to do” list. I’m planning on hammering out some more of that this weekend for sure.

After that, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to play. As I mentioned last week, I purchased Battlefield: Bad Company and Battlefield 1943 two weeks ago. I also picked up Mass Effect (since *everyone* at ASTRO won’t pipe down about it) and Assassin’s Creed as well. I figured I should play through both of those before the sequels come out. I’ve also been meaning to finish up Fable II, Gears 2, replay Fight Night Round 3, and finally crack the seal on my copy of Fight Night Round 4 that has been sitting on my shelf all shiny and new. To make matters worse, I started playing Halo 3 again last night.

Too many choices, so little time… I think I’ll load up on Rockstar Fruit Punch, not sleep this weekend, and just do it all.


This weekend I’ll be knee deep in Americas Army – The Real Deal. When I get done with that for the evening, I plan on diving face-first into Sega’s The Conduit, for Wii. I’m anxious to see if the much-hyped controls really rival the innovative Metroid Prime 3 – Corruption. After all, someone in the office has to represent Nintendo’s little white love box. I’ll surely get in some Fallout 3 as well, as I’ve still got a quite a bit of ground to cover in the downloadable content, with more coming on Monday.

I largely have Bethesda to thank for my lack of a tan this summer.


I may have narrowly escaped the Nerd Flu during PDXLAN and Comic-Con, but something nasty hit me today. My recipe for getting over a cold? Overdosing with the usual: vitamin C, tea, chicken soup, and video games.

Finally, I can get around to a game based off of one of my favorite cartoons and movies as a kid: Ghostbusters. I hear it’s quick, so once that’s done, I’ll be ripping through Mass Effect once more with the difficulty set to “Insanity”. Should be a fun weekend bustin’ ghosts and Geth.

I can do all that in 48 hours… right?

XBL GT: on3nightstan

Because Friday night is brew night, it will probably contain intermittent
games of Halo 3 or Resident Evil 5 while waiting for the various stages of beer-making to take place. Afterward, I predict a heated round of Streets of Rage 2 will take place until someone passes out or the game is beaten.

Saturday and Sunday will be tough to fit games in, got other stuff going on. However, if you do see me on Xbox Live, it will be a game-time decision between COD 4: WaW, Battlefield 1943, or Bad Company.

XBL GT: Jam Bacula

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