What are we playing this weekend?

The ASTRO Gaming crew doesn't just sit around making awesome gaming equipment, sometimes we actually have time to game! Wanna join us? Here's what we are playing...

The ASTRO Gaming crew doesn’t just sit around making awesome gaming equipment, sometimes we actually have time to game! Wanna join us? Here’s what we are playing…

I put Halo 3 down for a bit since the shine on my Recon armor lost its luster (probably due to the imminent release of Halo: ODST). So I decided to do a second playthrough of Mass Effect, in anticipation of the incredible-looking sequel. The great part is that this time I can be a complete and utter jerkface, which you pretty much have to be if you want that Renegade achievement.

Some of the ‘evil’ dialogue is just awesomesauce, too: “You’re a bean counter. I’m a Spectre. Whaddya think about those odds?” Raging approval.

The world that BioWare created absolutely brims with eyeball-thwacking scenery, endless places to explore, and top-drawer voice talent. If you are a fan of science fiction or fantasy at all, you owe it to yourself to play this game (I’m looking at you, Walter).

Look for me in-between Mass Effect missions getting my WWII on with some Battlefield 1943 — I’ll be the one splattering your landing party with hot lead and ramming tank rounds down your pieholes.

XBL GT: PA Stormy

I also needed a bit of a break from Halo 3. Last week I ended up swinging by GameStop to pick up a couple of games that I’ve been meaning to play but haven’t found the time. I finally *had* to make this happen based almost exclusively on my burning desire to try out Prototype. I also picked up Battlefield: Bad Company, and downloaded Battlefield: 1943. Sensing an alternate theme? Anyway, back to Prototype

Generally I’m a huge sucker for pending/post apocalyptic themes, specifically focusing on Zombies/viral infections. I also tend to love sandbox games with meticulous tasks that lead to achievements. If you know anything about it, you can see why Prototype called to me… almost as if it were designed for me. After a week of intermittent playing sessions (most of which were 3-4 hours long), I hammered through the storyline, and many of the random sandbox achievements – loving every moment of it. I definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoyed any of the Grand Theft Auto games or Dead Rising.

Goal for the weekend: Finish finding every one of the last 47 out of 200 little glowing orbs scattered across the Manhattan-based cityscape.

After that: I’ve been promising some of my favorite folks that I’d be squeezing in some Halo 3 on. You know who you are. I’m coming to call you out (or get called out EVERY time you kill me – haha!).


ASTRO’s novice gamer is stepping away from the shiny new Xbox toy to head back to Old Familiar – Guitar Hero III on PS2. I’ll be hammering-on the socks off of “My Name is Jonas” on Expert and beating the pants off all who choose to challenge me. (Hey, the novice gamer part is local to FPS. I can rock the plastic off a little red Gibson and you don’t want to see me in a game of old school Sonic the Hedgehog, okay.)

I expect my neck to be sore on Monday from the sheer amount of headbanging to commence.

So while Josh is ripping through Mass Effect one more time, I don’t think I’ll be playing much on my 360 this weekend. What’s taking up so much of my time? One word (maybe two). Comic-con.

While I’ll be taking up my time with the True Blood, Lost, and Battlestar panels, I’ll definitely be hitting up all the crazy gaming stuff that’s happening. I’m a bit bummed that I missed Halo: ODST on Thursday, but I’ll more than make up for it by playing Left for Dead 2, Dragon Age, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Brutal Legend, etc, etc. 😀

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