E3 2010 Recap & Pictures

It's the following Monday and I'm still recovering from E3 2010. That may just give you an idea of the insanity that was my first E3 ever. Mr. Stanimal's first E3? You don't say...

It’s the following Monday and I’m still recovering from E3 2010. That may just give you an idea of the insanity that was my first E3 ever. Mr. Stanimal’s first E3? You don’t say…

It’s the truth folks. For years I’d watch from the sidelines on all the cool announcements, sick booths, and wish I was at all the ridiculous parties. This year, it all finally happened.

I was also incredibly lucky for my first E3 to be so freakin’ full of crazy launches, announcements, and demos. I mean, we got the Kinect (formerly Natal), the Nintendo 3DS and the Playstation Move just to name a few. AND we got the opportunity to play each of them. Well, I didn’t get to play the 3DS only because of the 4 hour lines but trust me, I was very tempted. The thought of a 3DS version of Tetris warms my Russian gamer soul.

That’s actually one of my favorite things from E3 that I’m really looking forward to. All my media buddies that got to see it said it was nothing short of magic. To incorrectly quote one of them, “It was like magic was real”. Way to hype it up guys, jeez.

Oh, and before you ask if I like the Kinect or Move better, probably going to have to go with the Kinect on this one. Not to come off as an Xbox fanboy, but I like the fact that I don’t even need a controller anymore. Less clutter, less to charge, and I feel like I’m in Minority Report when I’m browsing the dashboard. Tell me that’s not bad-ass. I dare you.

As for the games, I’m psyched for Dead Space 2 because it’s a scary-ass game that comes with a very well written universe that sucked me right in. Occasionally dismembered my character too. Runner ups include Halo: Reach (SPACE FIGHTS), Medal of Honor, Vanquish, Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Just Dance 2.

ASTRO Xarion rocked the show floor with me and had this to add:

It’s a tough call, but I’d have to say that the one thing I am most excited about from E3 is definitely the rework of Splatterhouse by Namco Bandai. I have fond memories of the original on the TurboGrafx-16 that my cousin owned and would let me play when I went to visit. I lit up like I was 12 again when I saw this new version being shown in the expo hall. I’m generally not a huge horror fan(obviously the Evil Dead series isn’t part of that statement), but this game looks amazing. Combine super creepy with brutal violence and excessive gore and you can count me in. It may not have been the game with the best graphics ever at the show, but it’s going to be a blast to play. Who doesn’t want to tear apart hordes of humanoid abominations and undead limb by limb, eviscerate, and behead them with your hands? I’m going to be so ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Ok, that’s a long post already. E3 2010 was awesome. Shoutouts to our friends at SEGA, Ubisoft, EA, the Frag Dolls, Konami, Origin PCs, Gunnar, and all the other amazing people we hung out with.

Oh, and check out our Facebook for pics from the event here.

Cheers guys,

– ASTRO stanimal

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