ASTRO Gaming is pleased to announce the fully embedded A50 Wireless System. Debuted for the first time at E3 2012, the A50 Headset is the next-gen wireless audio solution with the features and quality that you've come to expect from ASTRO.

ASTRO Gaming is pleased to announce the fully embedded A50 Wireless Headset. Debuted for the first time at E3 2012, the A50 Headset is the next-gen wireless audio solution with the features and quality that you’ve come to expect from ASTRO.



Experience the clarity and performance of Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound with the Astro A50 Headset featuring Wireless MixAmp 5.8 technology. Delivering interference free sound for both music and voice, the A50 gives you total audio control over your gaming and home entertainment. Features include:


– ASTRO AUDIO – Engineered specifically for gaming, Astro Audio delivers professionally tuned sound for audiophile-grade performance with three custom settings.


– A50 Gaming Headset – Built for long hours of play, the A50 matches superior fit and comfort with premium audio drivers and a uni-directional mic with flip-up mute.


– Built-in MixAmp™ The A50 features integrated wireless MixAmp™ 5.8 technology with embedded controls for Master Volume and Game-to-Voice balancing.


– 5.8GHz Wireless Technology™ – Operating at a higher frequency than most wireless devices, the A50 provides clarity and range with less interference. Point to Multipoint – pair multiple A50Dx headsets with a single transmitter. The A50 will feature an embedded rechargeable battery.


– Dolby 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound – Hear the details you’re missing with pinpoint spatial accuracy and crystal clear definition.


– Embedded Battery & Display Stand – Lithium-ion battery system rechargeable via USB. Show-off and charge your A50s on the included display stand.



Want to hear what some of the media thought of the A50s? Read first hand experiences from:



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Ben noonan


    1. Turtle beach xp500 are completely wireless. They use a bluetooth dongle for the Xbox 360 thus having complete wireless. I was hoping astro would come out with this but guess not.  It seem like such a simple fix. What are they thinking of calling something wireless yet you need to plug your headset with a wire to you xbox 360 controller. Astro please make these completely wireless. 

      1. But they break easier astros might be $$$ but they’re worth it.

  1. astro should add a bluetooth adapter for xbox…the Tx unit have a USB port right??why not add a bluetooth usb dongle on it which connect to that adapter…then it become completely wireless for Xbox and ps3 also,Perfect!!!

        1. yeah cause PC gamers have nothing thats nice so why should us console players have something nice? ps. im drunk. yeah for new a50s! *hic*

        2. I am a console gamer and pc gamer
          They are both good I’m their own ways
          Pc is for the hardcore gamers
          While cOnsole is for the newer gamers and families of gamers

          1. can u answer me this…if PC gamers r *hardcore* then why is MLG and mostly all hardcore events on console…example: Frag Cup and Billionaires challenge and many more 

          2. Not even. They do that to cut out the idea of “Lag” or more system failures because PC’s have moar parts. Try your aim assist tricks on PC, oh wait. NO AIM ASSIST.

          3. So then why is Starcraft II the largest thing at MLG? SC2 probably gets more views than ALL of the console games combined, who cares about the quantity of the games when SC2 beat them all in number of competitors and views.

            SC2 and League of Legends are the largest games played competitively right now, the only ‘hardcore events on console’ is Halo and fighting games, What is there for pc? Starcraft II, League of Legends, Counter Strike, DOTA, DOTA 2, World of Warcraft and more, and more and more. All of which will get larger numbers than any console game apart from probably Super Street Fighter 4:AE at Evo 2k11

          4. I am a huge console gamer and have to say that I disagree with you. 

            You do realize the most popular games that MLG has  are both PC only games ie League of Legends and Starcraft 2. Then there is the fact that Starcraft 2 has only been on the MLG circuit for a short period of time and has already set records on the live stream.

            I love playing on console but the simple fact is that most console gamers are not as hardcore as PC gamers. How many teams actually go to more then 1 MLG event? Not many outside of the pro teams. This could change though since console gaming is starting to get more popular but I do not think it will change for at least another 10+ years.

          5. To be honest the majority of competitive gaming events occur on PC Starcraft and Leauge of Legends are bigger (competitively) than any console game because their developers support the competitive scene unlike some console developers *cough* *cough* infinity ward.

          6. technically MLG is competetive gaming and not necessarily “hardcore”.  he is probably stating that hardcore because it definitely takes more skills to use keyboard mouse as opposed to using a controller.  BTW i play PC and consoles (PS3, XBOX360 and a self built PC).

    1.  I see your point of view on this but Kleer is the new tech that they went with because they been working with this company to get the audio LAG free. Also, newer laptops now have this tech like the new HP Envy’s. Think the idea is that hopefully so will next gen console. 🙂

    2. I have the px5 and tbh the blue tooth for the xbox is rubbish, works great to my iphone but i bought them for the xbox.

      1. the problem with bluetooth is because the setting on px5…i have the xp500 too which basically is same and i make all the limiter off then fine : D

    3. Bluetooth doesn’t have the bandwidth to push high quality audio through plus a voice channel. You can use the headset with Xbox and PS3 as it is now. For XBOX you have to plug the headset into the controller with a chat cable and PS3 you plug a USB cable into the PS3 from the Mixamp. 

      The chat cable for XBOX is unfortunate, but that’s a limitation of the platform. Microsoft doesn’t allow third parties to use their wireless signal.

    4. There have been good wireless head sets for XBox/PS3 for years, most of the PC versions have been rather lackluster adaptation of the console headset with USB Bluetooth Dongles.

      Bluetooth has much lower bandwidth then 5.8Ghz, Since this is the first True 7.1DOLBY Surround sound I am guessing the needed bandwidth is to much for the Bluetooth connection.

      I’m sure they will come up with a Console version of this it will just take longer.

  2. will the heasphone be sold seperately if you already have a wieless mixamp?

    1.   The A50 Headset is not compatible with the MixAmp 5.8’s TX station. It comes with the TX station that’s made for the A50 headset.

      -ASTRO Warblade

      1. ^ Bummer. As a current owner of an A40 Wireless System, this is a bit disappointing to hear. If the A50s were compatible with the current MixAmp 5.8, I would’ve considered getting the A50s as a second headset, with the A40s going to my brother. Oh well.

  3. Errm, since when does $299 convert to £299??? I’ve been waiting nearly a year for these and you guys pull this. Bunch of jokers and sale lost, I could take a bit of a hit in the exchange rate but not this.

  4. Is there a battery indicator? Also, will you be able to use the headset while charging?

    1.  Batter indicator I don’t remember clearly, I know there is an LED that says if its syncing to Kleer and I believe it indicates if it’s low, charged, on, off, etc. And yes you can use the headset while using them. And doesn’t cause wear on the battery. 🙂

  5. I loved my time with them at E3 during my meeting with Aron and Stan. They are lag free and you would be amazed on how light they feel with everything inside the headset.

  6. You could do with adding some CSS to differentiate links in the post, at the moment they just look like the rest of the text.

    Looking forward to finding out more about the A50’s 🙂

  7. ” – Embedded Battery & Display Stand – Lithium-ion battery system
    rechargeable via USB. Show-off and charge your A50s on the included
    display stand.”

    Display stand to be included? How true will this be on release day?

  8. I have to agree with another commenter, these are not truly wireless. Turtle Beach, with their dongles, are 100% wireless.

    While the quality may be there, I’ll have to wait for the cheap Tango’s or Warheads. At least they are truly wireless.

    Decent effort Astro but not quite enough to snag this consumer.

  9. It looks like I will still need a cord to connect from the headset to the controller.  I do love my A40’s but
    i think I might have to go with the Tritton Warheads

  10. I am thinking about getting these, but will i be able to use the a50 for my ipod and such not? sorry for the nooby question

  11. How did I not hear about this until now?! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. 

    I use my 40s for my podcast, wired, is there a way to connect this to a PC wired or a new wireless way?

  12. I hope someone responds, I’d really LOVE to know if the tags are customize-able?? IF there are going to be any tags of some sort as the A40’s and A30’s do?? 

    1. I agree that thiey should have custom tags because we as gamers PC and console gamers alike
      Deserve the right to express ourselves through our hardware and gear such as a headset or controller or mouse
      It doesn’t matter what you hold in your hand when you game
      A mouse
      An Xbox controller
      A ps3 controller
      We can all agree that we like to express our selves through our gaming gear
      Why should our headsets be any different?

  13. dont make us wait for the A50’s, just gonna make me lose interest in getting them. plzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. They aren’t even released yet. Save your love for when you actually experience them first hand. However, Astro hasn’t let me down, yet!

  15. Console gaming is for crushing kids, when i wanna play serious i go back to my pc 😛

  16. I dont know how people get the idea of console gamers dont deserve nice things and that they are not hardcore gamers. Can someone please tell me why this is and their reasoning? Cause im pretty sure that idea is flawed in every way and the logic behind it is invalid so good luck trying to convince people its true

  17. I think that those A50’s will be real cool and i will for sure buy some

  18. Will there be a wired version as well?  And will MLG use this?  Possibly with said wired version?  Or is MLG just going to have to go wireless with their headsets.  Also, I’m a console and PC gamer and why do we all have to hate each other?  If you like PC gaming then fine, go play PC.  Same for console.  Stop attacking each other and go play your games.  PC and console have their competitive settings some more blown up than others.  I’m pretty sure there are a lot more PC gamers overall with games like WoW and SC2 thus meaning their audience for competitive gaming is larger, but you can’t measure which setting is more hardcore competitive between console and PC because they are both hardcore competitive playing to win tournaments.  Halo was huge until Halo: Reach came along and killed MLG competitive Halo, but in it’s hay day it was glorious along with games like Super Smash Bros. Melee and other games like that on Console.  PC has had SC and now SC2, Warcraft 3, WoW, CS:S, CS 1.6, DOTA, LoL, etc. which are all great in their own right, just a larger audience because computers are accessed by more people in the world every day than consoles.  They both have their great competitive scenes.  And console gaming isn’t just “mostly for casual gamers, new gamers, and families” or do you forget that so many people get on the their computer to play games like Bejeweled, Farmville, the Sims, etc. which would be the equivalent of all of the console casual gamers, but on PC and way more.  Stop arguing because it’s a futile argument.  You can’t try to compare things that are so different so just shut up and play.  You can tl;dr me if you want.  I just hate the childish sibling rivalry of PC vs Console gamers,  It just makes both sides look bad, shameful, and divided as gamers.

  19. The battery replaceable or? Living in Australia, it’s $120 postage one way
    I don’t want to be sending it back and forth cos the battery died :/
    I’m fine with extra cables, people complaining don’t realize the quality of sound they’re getting

  20. The battery replaceable or? Living in Australia, it’s $120 postage one way
    I don’t want to be sending it back and forth cos the battery died :/

  21. so will i would not be able to sue these for LAN tournaments right? so the a40s would be a better option

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