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The ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset + MixAmp are out in the wild. There is no turning back for us now. It's always an exciting moment waiting for the reviews of a new product to pop-up on the web.

The ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset + MixAmp are out in the wild. There is no turning back for us now. It’s always an exciting moment waiting for the reviews of a new product to pop-up on the web. Whenever we find a new review on the ASTRO A50’s, it gets passed around through the whole company so that all the folks at ASTRO see their hard work being acknowledged. As they say, recognition is the best motivator. Here are some of our favorite reviews from popular news outlets.


2D-X – Astro A50 Headset + MixAmp – Gaming headset excellence

“The Astro A50 is gaming headset excellence….If you’re serious about your audio, consider the Astro A50 a must-buy.”‘


Engadget – Astro Gaming’s latest wireless headset (mostly) pwns in 7.1

“Hands down, this is one of the most comfortable headsets you’ll slap on your noggin. ”


GameSpot – ASTRO’s A50 Wireless Gaming Headset Is Expensive, But Worth Every Penny

“The A50’s soundscape is robust and detailed, rivaling the best gaming headsets on the market. Bass rumbles and nuances come to life with no sign of distortion. The new closed ear design brings improved bass response and sound isolation, as well. To ASTRO’s credit, in the absence of a high-end surround system, the thought of watching a movie or playing a game without the A50s begins to feel like a compromise.”


IGN – Astro A50 Wireless Headset Review

“But if you’re not already gaming with an Astro headset, you should consider picking up the 50s. They feature currently unparalleled audio, incredible surround sound and a no-brainer setup.”


Kotaku – Review: The Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset

“If you’re looking for a wireless gaming headset, the A50 is a hell of a thing: a confident realization of each of Astro’s various audio products  into a single entity.”


Maxim – Astro A50 Wireless Headphones

“Astro’s A50s are an earacle miracle.”


PC Magazine  – Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset

“between its excellent audio quality, comfortable design, and compatibility with PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, it’s currently the best we’ve tested.”


The Verge – Astro A50 wireless gaming headset review

“The Astro A50 is, without question, one of the best gaming headsets on the market”


GameZone – Astro Gaming A50 wireless headset review

“if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks and really want something that makes your game experiences thunder into your ears, the A50’s really are the way to go.”



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  1. when are you going to sell either the 5.8 mix amp or the a40 wireless in usa again? can i pay extra to have one shipped from the uk?

  2. Received my New A50’s last Monday with a Broken MIC, After placing a support case 6 days ago, still NO Response from Astro Support Service’s. Support Case #57384. With this lack of Support, Not sure if I should return them?

    1. When will people learn. Everything that comes out new just wait a month or two and let them fix their bugs. Then everything should be fine.

  3. Why is it labled Wireless when you still have to use an xbox chat cable?

    1. Exactly, hope they get the xbox live xhat CHIP from Microsoft like Tritton did.
      Really annoying using the Chat cable with a Wireless headset.
      I have this headset, ans it’s great, but the only downside is the chat cable.

      1. You guys are both idiots. Astro didnt do anything wrong with the Xbox version its Microsoft that did it wrong. All headsets must connect via through Xbox controllers for the connection for people communicate on Xbox live.

          1. Tritton has an exclusivity contract with microsoft to produce dual branded headsets in return for the use of their wireless chat microchip.

        1. in such a case they could do what turtle beach did and make a wireless puck so the cable is not required

  4. Is there a warranty for a50 like if it brakes in 1 year or so i can return adn get it fix for free? Anyone know please answer

  5. i just purchased the astro a50 looking 4 a gaming solution but all i got was problems from day 1 and i do not think its worth the money you pay for it i say that because my sound keep cutting in n out and i had to do the update when i first got them and there too much background noise when im trying to listen to footsteps and it did not explain the presets so you just have to guess for 350$ which i think is unacceptable coming from a professional gaming corporation who should have did more testing on their product before they put a price tag on it in the customer service sucks i say that because i open a ticket trying to get my problem fixed but all i get is 1 email a day and my first email i got from chris was yesterday and he told to turn it off and turn it back on so now im waiting for a reply which i think is crazy for 350$ i do hope astro get they act together because right now at this point i just want my money back to buy a headset that work 4 350$

    1. This Is all one sentence. You’re clearly uneducated, so I can’t take this seriously at all and I assume you just had problems because you’re not very smart.

        1. Turtle Beach has dual blue tooth teaming tho, i really wish the A50’s had this capability. i need to be able to hear my cell phone ring when i’m gaming.

          Traditionally, The higher band the wireless signal is, the worse range it gets. 5.8 Ghz is good for congestion and bandwidth, but its not very good at range. That’s why most headsets are 2.4ghz, and bluetooth runs on 2.4 ghz as well. 2.4 gets almost double the range but as a said earlier, the 2.4 airways can get congested. For audio streams, the extra bandwidth 5.8 ghz provides isnt needed, so the only reason astro put 5.8 in this is interference prevention.

  6. Am i the only one that thinks these reviews from gamer magazine some
    bullshit since they didn’t even notice a problem and it took me 10
    seconds to know they don’t even work right?

  7. Why does it seem like 50% of the reviews on the A50 have serious issues? Maybe those who have defective headsets are idiots/uneducated? Come on guys really, sounds like another shitty product from Asstro! I suppose I should update my Firmware again? Turn my headset off & on again? Maybe trade my unit in on the 2013 A40’s… FML.

  8. I bought this headset about 3 weeks ago. having been a Hardcore turtle beach user for the last 5 years, I have to say i am really impressed at the Astro’s and there sound. I have converted from Turtle Beach to astro’s that’s for sure. Only complaint i would have is i wish the battery would last longer. But hey, Nothin in this world is perfect. AAA+ in my opinion.

  9. I had purchased Astro A40 on 27th July 2012 order number 200058122. Ive been having issues with the MixAmp and have accordingly filed a case on the website under Case #00163943 on 16th April 2013. Till date Ive sent them 4 reminders and have also called them on 3rd & 10th May. They have acknowledged the same but are yet to respond.

    DO NOT BUY!!

  10. Astro a50’s wont charge when plugged into mixamp or PC please help?

  11. I’ve had my A50’s for about a month now and I only began experiencing problems in the past week or so but I think that most of them are from my human error in cable input and removing them. But when they worked, my god were they fantastic

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