A50 update from ASTRO’s founders

Dear Astro Customers,


We greatly appreciate your patronage and value your feedback.  As much as we strive for perfection with our products, we are not always perfect.   Unfortunately this is sometimes the nature of the consumer electronics industry, particularly when releasing groundbreaking first generation products. We have found that our A50 Wireless Headset is no exception.  Although the vast majority of A50 owners report no problems whatsoever, and despite our most rigorous testing, we have discovered a few known issues that MAY (or may not) need to be addressed with your system.


With the awesome help of the ASTRO community and engineers, we’ve been able to find common issues and pinpoint root causes.   And as we all know, the A50 being an accessory to a more complex ecosystem; certain models of controllers, vintage consoles and even certain variances in home electrical configurations – any, or all of these variables can cause one or more of the symptoms listed below.





1)     Headset: Voice Chat not working on XBOX Live, or the Headset not being recognized by the XBOX Controller.


2)     Transmitter: Dolby button turning off and not turning back on, or the Tx not transmitting audio.


3)     PS3 *SLIM* only: Transmitter not powering on or losing power when connected to a PS3.



SOLUTIONS: Here are the solutions we can currently offer A50’s with these problems:


UNITED STATES CUSTOMERS: If you are experiencing either items 1) or 2) above, we will pay to ship your product back to us, fix both the Transmitter and the Headset and ship the system back to you – free of charge.  Since the fix is extremely easy and takes a small amount of time to complete, we expect to be able to turn these repairs around in about a week from receipt, if not faster.


OUTSIDE THE US CUSTOMERS: If you are experiencing either items 1) or 2) above, we will pay to have your product sent back to a local warehouse and do the same work as above (we have a warehouse in Canada, one in Australia, and another in the UK which will service all of Europe).


IN ALL CASES: Please open up a support case here (https://support.astrogaming.com/new_case) and we’ll be able to quickly get a call-tag issued and get the process started.  All product warranties will be automatically extended to mark this repair date as the beginning of the one-year period.


For people experiencing the PS3 Slim Problem #3 above – this is a recently discovered issue and we’re working on a solution as we speak.  Once this is resolved we will notify the public immediately.  But for those small number of users with this issue, there’s a workaround you can implement with a USB Hub (watch this video to see how http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUIbgjnZw6c).  Another alternative is to power the Tx from a USB source other than your PS3 Slim – of course voice chat won’t work in that case, but if you don’t need voice chat this option can be a stop-gap fix.    In any case, we’re confident we’ll have a fix shortly.


Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience these issues may be causing you and will always do our best to remedy any problems.  Thank you for being an ASTRO customer, we truly appreciate your patience and look forward to your continued patronage.


Sincerely, Jordan & Brett / Founders of ASTRO Gaming

Ben noonan


  1. Keep up the good working ASTRO! Your headsets are the best both for gaming and for music

  2. You guys have excellent customer service. I don’t have an A50 yet, I’m still on the ’40, but as soon as I can I’m upgrading. I’ll never use anyone else’s product, not only because Astro is superior as HELL, but because you guys back your products. The ONE TIME I had a problem, it was fixed almost immediately, much to my amazement. Thanks for being professional and courteous to your customers.

  3. Really happy to see you guys are not just letting these faults slide, and are taking active action to fix them. I live in Australia and have not herd very good things about the A50 (for the reasons above) but to see you taking an active role in fixing them… may just have to pick myself up a pair 🙂

  4. Nick Joyce, astro’s support is now a joke. The support engineers do not bother to reply to tickets. The consumers who pay a sh** load of money have to turn to the forum moderators to flag their tickets, in addition to this flagging, some of them still refuse to reply. What a disappointment.

  5. Have had my a40’s for almost 4 years and they still work. Ordered a50’s two days ago. Cant wait til they get here. Keep rocking!

    1. I’ve had nothing but problems from the a40 on PC. Glad they came clean early about the a50. They lost my business this generation, but might win it back with this sort of customer support.

      Hope it works out for them. They have a lot of work to do.

  6. When it comes to customer service the San Francisco on line store is as poor as it gets! They really are awful. I returned headphones a month ago and I have not heard a thing from them. I have Emailed them eight times and still nothing! I am going to file a Better Business Bureau complaint immediately. These guys are at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to service. Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY! You can get the same supplies just about anywhere. Don’t deal with directly.
    This outfit needs to be taught a lesson. I have several friends who will be boycotting them until this is resolved!
    Paul in Lakewood, WA
    Normally an easy going customer, but a month, and not a word-that is ridiculous > 🙁

    1. OK. You may be in the lake of mud but I don’t agree. The A50’s are known for having a “sync glitch”. I Pre-bought them here in Switzerland 2 months ago and I got them yesterday. With head phone batteries discharged on arrival and later, when charged, sure also with that sound glitch.

      I contacted Astro support online via chat and got the hot-fix in less than 5 minutes so at least to ME – I have nothing to complain about. That service was the fastest I have ever seen.

      So for my part, at least for now, they are doing a great job.

      @Astro: This head set breaks barriers and I am happy to be one of your first buyers.
      Thanks for the quick support also.

      However, customer support is crucial at new launches like this so pay attention.

      Regards from the alps and thanks for a good product 😉

  7. Can the A50s be hooked up to a 4 year old x box? I don’t have an optical cable hole in my x box.

  8. was going to buy the astro A50s until i seen this iv not used any gaming head set and after looking around every think pointed to u guys for being the best then iv seen lot of vids on youtube saying about all the faults but even tho.. iv seen all the vids and this post i still wont a pair of A50 bad just dont think i wont to pay £250 for a headset that has some kinks will w8 until you have fixed all the issues then buy i use ps3 most the time i all so have xbox 🙂 and like i seen in a post on here and 100% agree “happy to see you guys are not just letting these faults slide, and are taking active action to fix them” will keep checking back then when i see a post from yous saying all kinks fixed ill buy them str8 away 🙂

  9. Astro Gaming Case # 00143549
    No responce at all to my case!
    Worst customer service group I have ever had to deal with.
    Respond to my ticket.

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