ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset with School in Mind

Why on earth would Lawrence Bonk of the Huffington Post suggest the ASTRO A50 Hedaset on their Back to School Gadget guide? Well, he had some sound advice for students about the headset.

Let’s be real. The ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset will not do your homework. It will more than likely increase the amount of time you spend gaming rather than studying, considering it’s comfortable and lightweight design. So why on earth would Lawrence Bonk of the Huffington Post suggest the ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset on their Back to School Gadget guide? Well, he had some sound advice for students about the headset.



“There is nothing worse than being kept up all night by the sound of bloodthirsty aliens when you have a test the next day. Get your game-addicted roommate to embrace quiet time by letting them hold ASTRO’s newest wireless headset combo. The A50 squeezes a fully functional preamp and equalizer right into the earcup. This translates to fully customizable and beautiful sounding explosions and, yes, even music. Of course, your roommate will still keep you up all night by yelling at little kids on Xbox Live. ASTRO hasn’t invented a wireless gag yet.”


Lawrence hits the nail on the head if you ask me.


See what other gadgets made the list on Huffington Post’s Latest and Greatest Back to School Gadgets article by clicking here. Rad list, Lawrence. Oh, and you may pick up your own pair of the ASTRO A50 Wireless Headset by visiting the product page here!


– ASTRO Nexy

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  1. Am i the only one that thinks these reviews from gamer magazine some
    bullshit seince they didn’t even notice a problem and it took me 10
    seconds to know they don’t even work right?

    1. They do work. And what do you expect them to do ? Trash they’re product ? To to YouTube so you can get a third parties opinion or ask your friends what they think if you have any

    2. mine don’t work right ether, there support really sucks. for a 300$ headset you think they would have a phone number to call for support.

      1. mine didn’t work at first, however I am using them on an XBOX One. I had them hooked up the optical port on the xbox. Well they didn’t work. Then I plugged them into optical port on my tv and they are amazing.

    1. no, my head set is mast up and cant even get a hold of supporters.

      1. You can’t even spell, so how can I trust you followed the simple directions?

    1. Yeah, you can record your voice regardless you just need a program and a mic.

  2. This Headset works great, and I love my pair! They are every bit worth the $300! I updated mine to the new firmware and I haven’t had not one issue! Can’t speak for the incompetent folks who obviously can read directions to hook them up, but I can say that didn’t have problem hooking them up! If this matters at all I did have a pair of A40s before the A50s and a Turtlebeach X12!

  3. Obviously there are some people that have a floundering understanding of the english language. Yes, there is only a short paragraph telling you how to set it up…written in plain, simple to understand monoslyibic (that mean small, by the way) words that anyone with a a 6th grade education could understand. No more is necessary. Plug in two wires that you can’t put in the wrong places and press the power button. Wow, I just did it in one sentence…amazing.

    Now, to others with a working knowledge of the language, here is a legitimate review. I just recently purchased my A50’s upgrading from a set of Triton AX720’s. Absolutely phenomenal! I actually thought the Tritons had amazing sound, but aparently I was very wrong. The sound quality was superb, the surround sound was spot on and the voice clarity (both incoming and outgoing) was crystal clear. Sure they are pricy, but they are worth every penny. If you can afford them, you won’t regret it.

  4. My pair is Amazing! great quality and comfort for the versatile and consisent heavy user!

  5. Grate device been running solid for 2 months now with NO problem at all. Not sure why people say astro don’t have good customer service I just don’t think you know what your doing or how to maneuver through a web site.

  6. I have a astro a50. I have doubts if it will be compatible with the new generation

  7. I plan on getting astro a50’s but i keep seeing good and bad reviews should i or shouldn’t i get them some please help

    1. They sound great but…
      For $300 we’re allowed to be picky. So here I go nitpicking:

      They are heavy. The strap across the top is not wide enough. After only an hour the top of my head starts to hurt. I have taken up a trick I learned in the Marines of putting a folded wash cloth under my helmet. Same thing works here – you look silly but its about a million times more comfortable. Also, they are terribly uncomfortable around the ear if you wear glasses.

      The optical pass through is not working. When the headset is on, all sound goes to it only. The mixamp Tx also turns on automatically every time I start up my PS4. Annoying to have to get up and go turn off the mixamp any time we want to watch tv as a group.

      There is no voice playthrough. You can’t hear your own voice when talking. Very annoying and will hopefully be patched in a firmware update. 😉

      The power button is flimsy and doesn’t feel right.

      They run out of battery after only a few hours, at which point they are of course no longer wireless.

      I have had great sound quality when playing solo, but as soon as you have anyone else on chat, your quality is at the mercy of their mic, or God forbid, their bluetooth and echoing tv. So although the audio is awesome, the only time I use the headset is when I want to chat. Any other time I use the nice surround sound theater system in my living room. So if you are using these primarily for chat situations, audio quality alone may not make the $300 price tag worth while.

      In the interest of fairness I should take this opportunity to say the audio is AWESOME. When cars in games go by with a subwoofer it sounds like you must have a subwoofer in the headset. From the lowest rumble to the highest ride cymbal, every bit of the frequency response is there. They really do sound fantastic.

      Now back to nitpicking, because they are headsets, everything sounds like it is next to you. A building falling down at the other end of the map sounds the same relative distance as footsteps. This is not the case when I use my home theater speakers in my living room. But the A50 far more directional. I can get a basic bearing on footsteps from the theater speakers. I get an exact bearing when wearing the headset. The theater system is more realistic sounding, but the headset keeps me from getting knifed from behind in the game.

      The website is awful. I have had to create an account in 4 different
      places, and none of them seem to actually work when I try to log in.
      The only way I can get to my acct is by clicking the links in an email.

      customer service rep is “Tyrannical Trent.” I don’t like dealing with
      fake names. Is this guy 15 years old? This is a business, I want to
      know the name of the person I am dealing with. My real full name shows
      up on every transcript – why shouldn’t his?

      Summary: If you really have $300 to spend on headphones, then I can recommend these. If there is any doubt in your head about spending the money – don’t. You will end up much happier spending $75-$150 and pocketing the remaining money to buy 3 or 4 more games.

  8. Just bough mine and after one hour of gaming I experienced a failure, none of the controllers in the headset worked, after some research found that the only thing I can do is to wait until the battery drains and then charge them again and turn them on.

  9. I’ve heard good about the a50’s and plain on getting them, but the thing is that my friends (and other reviews) say the a40’s are better. What I would like to know is what headset is better (a40’s or a50’s) and if I should get the better headset or If I should get a different pair of headphones. P.S.-Could you tell me where I could them cheap.

  10. I bought the A50’s and they worked well with the xbox 360. I upgraded to a PS4 and have had nothing but problems with my headset. At first the sound would work with out any firm ware updates but the chat feature wouldn’t work. I updated my firm ware per Astro tech support. My headset now cuts sound out after about an hour of playing due to what I would think is corrupt firmware. After the terrible experience reaching out to Astro they informed me bc my warranty was a month out of date I would need to purchase more warranty. I was furious seeing that it was a firmware problem not a hardware. They finally sent me a email wanting me to send them in, sent them 20 days ago using their shipment label and they have yet to arrive. Fingers crossed that I see them again. I would say so far I like the headphones but thats about all. If you ever have problems with them get ready for automated emails that don’t help and 1 week turn around for them to answer a email.

  11. I just got these yesterday and was able to play one game of COD on the XBOX ONE. These work amazing. The sound and clarity is unlike any other. I’m coming from the best of the best from Turtle Beach. People have been telling me to use these and you will notice the difference. And that I have. Can’t wait to use them more. A++++

  12. LOL, do you really think most students sharing an apartment they wouldn’t afford without a roomate, that they’d be willing to throw 300$ for headphones?… You should reevaluate your pitch : with such a price tag, not many will recognize themselves in this scenario… «Lawrence hits the nail on the head if you ask me» On his thumb you meant 😉

  13. Buy the Skullcandy Plyr 1 Headset! Much lower price, same makers as ASTRO, and I love the way they sound for playing games and hearing music. Besides they come with all the cables you need and if you want to play on PC make sure your computer has the optical cable plug for full 7.1 surround sound. Basically same just lower price. Good day and happy Friday!

  14. I’m no audiophile but i think this headset is great. I wish they also had a list of recommended soundcards for PC as I will need to purchase one to get more than Stereo audio out of it. So far so good though.

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