Greetings ASTRO enthusiasts,
The 2013 Edition of the A40 Headset + MixAmp Pro is here. Our whole focus was how can we improve on what's already great and bring next-gen features to your favorite line of gaming audio equipment. Take a look at what's going on:

Greetings ASTRO enthusiasts,

The 2013 Edition of the A40 Headset + MixAmp Pro is here. Our whole focus was how can we improve on what’s already great and bring next-gen features to your favorite line of gaming audio equipment. Take a look at what’s going on:

What’s new in the A40 2013 Edition:

New QD Cabling System – Updated version of our Quick Disconnect system, offering the same flexibility of using multiple cable types and lengths, but now plugging directly into the headset via 3.5mm 4-pole jack instead of the former custom solution. More durable and reliable and easier to source replacement cables.

Best Sounding ASTROs Ever – We’re constantly trying to make our gear sound even better. 2013 Edition A40s have re-tuned drivers and ear cushions that make these the most detailed and accurate ASTRO headsets ever with improved low-end response and less distortion at high volumes.

What’s new in the MixAmp Pro 2013 Edition:

Stream Output – Perfect for livestreaming or game capture, the Stream port is a 3.5mm jack that combines the Dolby mixed Game Audio with both incoming and outgoing Voice Chat into a single output to go into a PC mic input or video capture devices.

Custom Audio Profiles – Like the ASTRO A50, the MixAmp Pro now has a new control allowing users to switch between 4 pre-set Audio Profiles – Pro, Core, Media and Sports. Soon ASTRO users will be able to create and share their own custom audio profiles via as well.

1. Pro – ASTRO’s pro gaming mode, created with our pro teams and players to provide the best sound profile for competitive gaming, accentuating details like footsteps and respawns in an immersive surround sound experience.

2. Core – Hear your games just as the developer’s intended with no extra processing or balancing.

3. Media – Best for watching movies or listening to music, accentuating vocals and bass.

4. Sports – Put yourself in the stadium, whether playing sports games or watching sporting event on TV.

Smaller Form Factor – The MixAmp is smaller and more portable now for LAN and Pro Gaming events. We’ve removed the ability to use batteries too since this device is always used in close proximity to gaming devices that can provide USB power. We also removed some legacy audio formats like RCA and Coax digital that were used by a very small percentage of our customers.

New Optical Port – A more reliable 3.5mm optical port is now being utilized, taking care of issues a small number of MixAmp users had experienced previously with our Toslink optical port.

Core ASTRO Functionality Remains Intact – The new MixAmp still does everything you expect: Dolby 5.1 and 7.1 decoding, Dolby Headphone Surround encoding, Game:Voice Balancing, MP3 Input, Daisy-Chaining of unlimited units, and of course Multi-Platform Compatibility allowing the device to be used on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and anything else with an optical digital or 3.5mm analog output.

A40 Headset + MixAmp Pro 2013 Editions are available right now from, GameStop, Best Buy US, and EB Games Australia. As always, hit us up on our Twitter and Facebook for questions!


– ASTRO stanimal

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  1. Looking forward to these being my first Astro’s, my Razer Tiamat 7.1 is causing some earhurt after a long sesh.

  2. looks great guys! – especially with the stream output! – Astro always listening to the gaming community and being ahead of the game!

  3. From a purely XBOX gaming perspective…. Would the A50 or the new A40 be the best choice (with new MixAmp)… I have the 2009(?) version of the A40 and mixamp.

  4. The A40+ seems much better, removeable microphone and and also the lead removes direct from the headset. The new pro EQ mode looks ace too. Tmartn has done a review on his channel on YouTube. ANy word on UK release?

  5. After watching these release several years ago (5?), I’ve finally decided to pick up a pair of the 2013’s, not nearly as beefy as my HD 650’s, but these look very promising after the already updated 2011 version.

  6. these are incredible i demo’d them at best buy. i play on pc and xbox every once in awhile. i don’t think i’d get a pair if i was a pure console player. seems silly to pay more for your headphones then your system. well maybe i would they are pretty awesome

  7. how about fixing all the prob.. on the A50s first 🙂 that be awesome for 2013 then i can buy them.keep up the awesome work

  8. This makes me mad that I wasted my money on an older model about a month ago. Had I known of a newer model, I would’ve waited because $250 is a lot of money when you’re a broke college student like me.

  9. When will they be available to buy in white ? i can only find them in black

  10. why is it that my sound cuts off whenever a loud explosion happens?! i just got them yesterday!

  11. Just got a pair of these babys hopeing that they would out perform the TB XP500 and to my suprise they don’t work at all, good job. Even after updating to the latest firmware and changing the USB cable.

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