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ASTRO UPDATE: White A40 headsets and standalone 2013 MixAmp Pros available NOW!



Have you been trying to order a new white A40 or a standalone 2013 MixAmp from ASTRO, but you’re coming up empty handed? Well, have no fear cause we’ve got your gear! We’d like to apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced when placing your order with us. Some recent events have been out of our control and we do our best to keep you informed. Recently the closing of the Los Angeles ports and extreme weather across the globe have put delays on some incoming shipments. Orders for white A40s and our new 2013 standalone MixAmp were put on hold, but they are available today! If you hurry you can still swoop up one of our amazing Holiday Bundles! The deals won’t last forever so check em out now.  For the most up to date product info from ASTRO gaming, like us on FACEBOOK and follow us on TWITTER.



Our friends in the UK looking to get their hands on the latest ASTRO gear, shall look no further! HMV, your UK entertainment specialists, now have ASTRO A40s and A50s in stock. You can check out their deals on their website or get up close and personal at your local store.  Take a stroll or hop in your Batmobile and visit your local HMV!



Happy Holidays to all our fans. Thanks for making 2012 an amazing year.


– ASTRO Lovehammer

Ben noonan


  1. Will the standalone Green BXR headset work with Xbox 360? I know without the MixAmp it won’t have 7.1 and I can’t chat online, but it will be compatible with the 360 and have stereo game sound, right? Because it says it only works with PC… (Talking about Green BXR.)

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