Happy Holidays – Shipping News!

The team at ASTRO have been stoked on the Holiday Spirit. Tis’ the season for giving and our recent deals have been a big hit.

The team at ASTRO have been stoked on the Holiday Spirit. Tis’ the season for giving and our recent deals have been a big hit. The ASTRO Holiday Bundles are selling like hot cakes and there’s free shipping for all U.S. orders over $50. How could you pass up a killer deal like that?


We also hosted several awesome giveaways and contests with unique ASTRO prizes. Did you see the ASTRO Gaming Nike Bespoke Air Force 1’s? Too cool! They are one of a kind, designed and created by ASTRO at the 21 Mercer Store in NYC. It’s been a wild ride this holiday season and it’s not over yet! You still have time to get that special someone the headset they’ve been begging for all year long. All ASTRO Gaming orders placed before NOON on December 21st will arrive before Christmas Day.


Happy Holidays, Astro Gaming.



Ben noonan


  1. Placed order 12/15 for the astro A30 bundle- paid for UPS shipping- order is ‘not shipped’ status and no way to contact for information. What is the status here!!!!

    1. ya i ordered the A50 Astro Edition wireless system that came with the case, on 12/16, they shipped me everything but the headset itself. Ive emailed them, and its been nearly a day with no reply. So far this company is lacking in Customer service

  2. The a50 wireless headset and case was purchased and being shipped to me as a gift for my husband. Ours was also ordered on the 15th. The free case arrived, but not the headset. I am not happy that the only way to contact the company appears to be through an email “ticket,” and no information regarding additional tracking numbers, back orders, or expected shipping dates has been provided. I don’t think the headset will be arriving Before Christmas day and I can’t put an empty headset case under the tree.

  3. Ordered A50 wireless headset and ‘bonus’ case Dec 16th. Today received case only. NOTHING to indicate headset was/is on back order nor expected shipping date. Sent ticket as no phone contact and since today’s Xmas eve, won’t have anything for son’s Christmas. Very disappointed.

  4. WOW!!
    Based on the experiences of multiple customers that posted before me–and the fact that tonight is Christmas eve and I also haven’t received the order I placed for my son last week..it became evident that Christmas morning was going to suck at our house, thanks to the sub-standard Astro service.

    I wish i had read a few of the posts in the support section of the forum before ordering–i would have spent my money somewhere else, someplace that has a reputation for something other than screwing their customers…

    Fortunately i used paypal, so i be able to get refunded when i send the order back, if and when it finally shows up. And it IS going to be returned–since I already bought a replacement.

    Luckily, GameStop was open tonight and I was able buy a Turtle Beach headset, which i should have done from the beginning.
    I’m sure that my son will be just as pleased–especially since he will actually get it as a present in the morning, and we wont have to return the set 3 or 4 times to get a pair that works.

  5. wow I feel sorry for all of you unfortunately, I got my A50 headset at game stop due to the fact I kept bugging the manager to order them! try bugging the manager and be a well known number 1 customer you may or may not be surprised to see Astros sitting in you local game stop! believe me I got mine yesterday! (12/26/12)

  6. Disappointed as well. Ordered A40 Holiday Bundle on Dec11, 2012. Received the backpack, Head set case and MLG 3 pc kitted. Logged a Ticket 00140674 and has not heard from any one. No communication of why the headset was not received or back ordered

  7. Bought A50 for my son for Christmas (over $300). Hasn’t worked yet and can’t get anyone to respond to my calls or emails. Did you guys close the place til New Years? Thanks Astro for ruining my sons Christmas gift! The thing that makes this experience horrible is not so much the product malfunction, but your obvious dodging of communication from customers. All the technology in the world can’t help horrible customer service.

  8. Hey KS…. they are not responsing for my emails:// so i dont know:( they cant close;(

  9. I ordered by son a set of A50’s on Dec. 15th. On Christmas Eve, I received the headphone case but no headset and with no indication of the status of the headset. Very frustrating experience. I will be logging a second ticket. Perhaps someone from Astro can post a response to these comments so we know the issue is being looked into??

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