2013 MixAmp Pro – Power Drop Fix

We understand a small number of customers who've purchased the 2013 MixAmp Pro may be experiencing the annoying Power Drop issue. This blog is for you.

We understand a small number of customers who’ve purchased the 2013 MixAmp Pro may be experiencing the annoying Power Drop issue. This blog is for you.


Unfortunately this is a hardware compatibility issue. Technically speaking, the 2013 MixAmp is too powerful for USB hosts that supply a voltage close to the low end of the USB spec. The power drop issue causes the 2013 MixAmp Pro to shut down partially (the Dolby path dies) and it won’t power up again until the MixAmp power has been unplugged and replugged. In many cases, the failure occurs nearly immediately after being plugged in.


If you’ve experienced any of the following symptoms, you may be a victim of the bug.

1) Dolby light, on the front of the MixAmp, won’t turn on and no game audio is present.

2) Your MixAmp powers off randomly during use.




If you’ve experienced either of these issues, we have a solution for you.


1) Try any other USB cable to power the MixAmp

     – Shorter, fatter USB cables improve power delivery

     – PS3 controller cables have been proven to alleviate the issue



2) Insert a powered USB hub between the console and the MixAmp



3) Contact our support team and we’ll be happy to send you an improved USB cable to power your MixAmp


– ASTRO Nexy

Ben noonan


  1. I used my iphone’s usb/as adapter to power the mixamp instead for more juice and it hasn’t dropped since I’ve tried it. I’m still not happy that I can’t simply plug it into the 360 and now I’m down a spare charger also.

  2. Turtle beach is poor sound quality, you must be tone deaf. Astros ftw. Just company that now stands behind them is the worst.wish sony would of bought astro….or bose.skullcandy still doesnt know how to make headphones, its the 21st century.thought its easy these days. Lol

  3. just bought my son an a40 astro headset-spent 250 + tax & the thing won’t stop making an annoying clicking noise.WTH??!! anyone else having this problem???

  4. the PS3 wire seems to have fixed it for now, however if something changes ill just have to contact customer support, stop hating on Astros, even if they sold out to shitcandy they’re still the best headset provider’s out there!

  5. sent s msg 24 hours ago reply was its the usb they have shipped me a new one so i cant complain

  6. Woah, genius, I choose my headset based on quality of sound, not cheapening my experience so I can hear a guy behind. YSDB!

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