ASTRO Gaming’s 2012 Recap

The year started off with a bang as ASTRO Gaming announced their first professional team, Team Eon. Consisting of Optic Gaming, Team EnVyUs, and Team Instinct.

Did you really think the world was going to end? Silly conspirators, don’t know what they’re talking about! At ASTRO Gaming, we have no fear, and we know 2012 was just the beginning.



The year started off with a bang as ASTRO Gaming announced their first professional team, Team Eon. Consisting of Optic Gaming, Team EnVyUs, and Team Instinct. It began when EnVyUs launched their first Gears Of War 3 team at the, ASTRO sponsored, HYPEFESTATION tournament. Team Instinct then continued to kill it at the Red Bull Gaming LAN and the very first MLG Columbus Winter Championship.




Hastro and Team EnVyUs also hosted Team Instinct and Optic Gaming at their gaming house for some friendly LAN competition, sponsored by GUNNAR, TWITCH.TV and ASTRO Gaming. Watch our behind the scenes exclusive video of the LAN, here:



We were also honored to become the official communications partner for IGN’s Professional League, the IPL, where pro players compete in Starcraft2 and League Of Legends. The world of eSPORTS has grown immensely since the early days, and the demand for premium audio has never been higher. ASTRO has been reppin’ PRO quality since the beginning so there wasn’t much surprise when Best Buy and GameStop began retailing our products. Stop by, and check out our listening stations to hear what sets ASTRO Gaming apart from the rest.


Got wireless? 2012 was big news for ASTRO as we launched our first wireless headset, the A50. Boasting ASTRO Audio, Dolby Digital 7.1, three EQ presets, an integrated MixAmp, and overall comfort, the A50s have it all. Along with our big announcement we released a radical A50 trailer featuring a track off Krewella’s new EP, PLAY HARD. Check it out yo!



Hmm, summer already? Guess it’s time for some gaming festivals! Out of all the various gaming events, PAX and E3 are two of the most epic and fun shows you’ll ever see. The annual Penny Arcade Expo, PAX, was epic as ever and we partnered with Dark Vale to debut their newest MMO, FORGE at our booth. It was a big hit and we can’t wait to see finished product! E3 was also amazing this year. While at E3, you could find ASTRO gear powering some of our favorite partners like Ubisoft, SEGA, Capcom, Konami, Sega, and THQ, just to name a few.


ASTRO hit the refresh button in 2012 and kicked it up a notch by launching a new event booth, moving to a new office, and premiering a fancy new website. Evolution is a must in the world of gaming, and ASTRO is always aiming to push it one step further, while having some fun doing it.


Assassins Creed III? Uhh, yes please! Ubisoft’s legendary Assassins Creed series launched their third title this year and honored ASTRO with exclusive art for custom speaker tags. Weather you rock the A30s or A40s, there’s AC3 tags for you, keeping you fresh to death with the best.


Shortly after the AC3 editions dropped, ASTRO took a huge leap forward with the 2013 MixAmp Pro. Lose the battery pack, choose your favorite EQ preset, and buckle up. The 2013 A40 audio systems are a game changer, and are now available on ASTRO’s website, at Best Buy, and GameStop. The 2013 A40 Audio System boasts four EQ presets, Dolby Digital 7.1, a new quick disconnect cable system, a new optical cable, and a streaming port for all the hardcore fans.




The year was coming to an end with the season for giving right around the corner. Our 2012 giveaway contest had to be big this year. So we pulled a few strings and got the opportunity to design some custom ASTRO Gaming BESPOKE NIKE AIR FORCE 1’s. Say what!? Given away to one lucky winner, as the only guy on the planet with ASTRO Gaming NIKEs. However, this exclusive deal wasn’t the end for 2012 style points. Upper Playground came also through with a fresh take on new A40 2013 speaker tags. Including my personal favorite, “The Bay” tags. SF, CA!



Overall 2012 was an amazing year for competition, and creativity. We launched new products, new teams, basically new everything, but we couldn’t have done it without all of you, the fans. Thanks to all our loyal “ASTROIDS” out there for choosing ASTRO Gaming and supporting our cause for a premium gaming experience. 2013 has some exciting surprises on the way, so stay tuned in to our ASTRO blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I can’t wait to see all of your posts! Also, don’t forget to tell your friends why ASTRO Gaming is the one for you!


-ASTRO Lovehammer

Ben noonan