BLOG and FIRMWARE UPDATE  – 2/14/2013 :


After launching the last Firmware Update Version 1.3, some users began experiencing an audio drop issue. We’ve isolated the source and released a new 2013 MixAmp Pro firmware patch update, Version 1.3.1.



2013 MixAmp Pro –Version 1.3.1 – 2/14/2013 – 3374


– Fixed bug that caused some MixAmps to lose audio after updating to 1.3




At ASTRO, we’re always working to stay current and evolve as needs change. We’ve listened to your feedback on the quality of voice communication for the 2013 MixAmp, and our newest firmware update Version 1.3, was developed with your concerns in mind. If you’ve had any symptoms with incoming voice, outgoing voice, or the noise gate on your 2013 MixAmp, please review these release notes as we have solutions to your issues.




2013 MixAmp Pro Firmware Updates


Newest Firmware Patch launched 2/14/2013 *If you update to the newest firmware v1.3.1, all previous versions are installed as well.



2013 MixAmp Pro –Version 1.3.1 – 2/14/2013 – 3374


– Fixed bug that caused some MixAmps to lose audio after updating to 1.3



2013 MixAmp Pro – Version 1.3 – 2/7/2013 – 3356


– Fixed USB mic glitch bug.


– Reduced voice volume in live stream output.


– Adjusted PS3 mic level.


– New default presets, optimized for quiet environments.



Preset changes


1 – Pro: Improved Voice EQ, Improved Noise Gate


2 – Core:  Improved Voice EQ, Improved Noise Gate


3 – Media:  Improved Voice EQ, Improved Noise Gate


4 – LAN: LAN Friendly Voice EQ, LAN Friendly Noise Gate





Previous 2013 MixAmp Pro Firmware Updates



2013 MixAmp Pro – Version – 1.2 – 11/28/2012 – 3198


– Fixes audio dropout experienced by some users after updating to 1.1.




2013 MixAmp Pro – Version 1.1 – 11/8/2012 – 3168


– Increased outgoing chat volume.


– Increased daisy chain volume.


– Improved EQ presets.



Visit our Firmware Update page to download your updates for Mac or PC. If your problem still persists or you have any questions, please contact our customer support team.



-ASTRO Lovehammer ^L

Ben noonan


  1. When I go to update my A40’s, it always shows the A50 wireless with the 2013 MixAmp. Is there a way to get the correct firmware update for the A40’s?

    1. i believe it doesnt matter what it shows. i got the A40’s and it updated no problem. this was just last night. give it a go, dont worry about the pictures. it will also state IF you have the A50’s to sync up. otherwise you are good to go


  3. fix ur fucking faulty headsets! ive spent over 500$ trying to get the headset fixed and its 1 month old

  4. Getting a ton of crackling and popping after the newest firmware update.

  5. This is a joke. When people spend this much money on a headset we expect more from astro. I started to tell all my friends not to get this headset and you lost about $750 so im happy that I saved some peoples money unlike mine.

  6. I’m using my sennheiser pc360’s with my 2013 mixamp. The problem with the noise gate was a major issue after the first update. This new update seems to have fixed the problem slightly, but still seems to have a delay. The patch writers need the remove the noise gate or lower it to a slightly more sensetive level. So the chat feel a little more natural like it did on my 2011 model. I hope the they didn’t forget that we were promised our own personalized presets as well. An idea which as yet to come to fruition. I still have my hopes high though.

  7. I contacted you guys a week ago! Where is my “improved” USB power cord??? $250 dollars for a bootleg headset. Put out an actual working firmware update to fix the audio drop, start sending us our WORKING USB cords, and get your head out of your asses.

  8. I have a constant static sound in my headsets*, unlike the old mixamp.

    *(Sennheiser PC360/PC350, Siberia V2 & MMX 300)

  9. Delete the noise gate and not have mic problems ! My previous mixamp 5.8 and mixamp pro make better that mixamp “2013” for voices communication.

      1. It’s called English as a second language, but the sentence is broken. He has a point though.

  10. After buy astro a40 with the mixamp 2013, i have update it. And i will told you many things. My old mixamp was better ! My friends in ps3 laugh at me about the quality mic who is so bad ! i have a friend with a headset at 50 dollars and make better than the A40 with mixamp 2013. i think the quality is down because the treatment of “noise gate” is not sure ! make a eq mode like the older mixamp

  11. I have recently bought the astro a40 2013 edition about 4 months ago I’ve updated it and everything and every time I try to play Call of Duty the sound would cut out but every other game it works fine. In the beginning it would work fine after the resent update I have been experiencing problems plz fix

  12. Wow, a lot of crybaby’s up in here! I have had Astro’s for several years and I have NEVER had any problems with them what so ever! The only problem I have ever had was their shipping charges for Canadian customers.

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