PAX East 2013




The ASTRO Crew arrived in Boston greeted by freezing cold snow, but nothing could stop us from enjoying the legendary Penny Arcade Expo East. This is ASTRO’s 7th consecutive PAX event as the official headset, and once again we’ve documented the chaos with daily video recaps, hosted by @LisaMalambri. On the eve of PAX our crew began setting up the ASTRO booth and gearing our partners up with custom speaker tags and headsets. Soon the once empty show floor turned into a kingdom of awesome, teaming with fans, drawn by the lure of free swag and a glimpse at their next favorite game. Let’s kick it off with our first video recap:






Day one in Boston was wicked awesome. PAX was full of some real colorful characters and we snapped photos of the best Cosplayers on the scene; setting them up into teams that battled it out for our Facebook fan’s respect- Who won the fight?   …[drumroll]…



ASTRO Cosplay



TEAM 2 is victorious! Congratulations and thanks for all the votes! PAX never ceases to amaze with truly creative fans and always impressive cosplay.  Keep up the good work!




At the ASTRO booth, fans experienced ASTRO Audio with premier titles like: Zombie Studio’s upcoming Daylight, Konami’s Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and EA’s Dead Space 3.  Fans also participated in several contests featuring : World of Tanks speaker tags and in-game currency, Kontrol Freek prizes, Wizards of the Coast products and ASTRO headsets. All our game stations were outfitted with Scuf Gaming controllers, and we gave away several controllers to loyal fans. The ASTRO booth acted as a meeting place, chill spot, and general hang out hub for many. Fans and crew alike lounged with friends, met YouTube celebs, or just get caught up on some z’s, @LoLDyrus !


                dyrus                        426484_10151470806493468_1805615761_n




Lisa kicked off day two at PAX with a walk through of Cryptic Studios new game Dungeon & Dragons: Neverwinter, a free to play action MMO. Then Soup followed up with Signal Studios, to get the download on their new free to play MMO Ascend: New Gods. It all ended in the ECA battle arena where Lisa brutally beat down Soup and claimed victory as ultimate host.





For the third and final day of PAX, Lisa got up bright and early to check out Dust 514, another awesome free to play MMO (noticing a trend here?) where you can interact with players from Eve Online. Pretty rad. We ended our game coverage with a special guest, Gold Glove, who discussed Execution Mode and grenade load out in Gears of War: Judgement.




Your PAX experience just wouldn’t be complete without the Pro team meet & greet. We all got to chill in the ASTRO booth and party with our newly sponsored teams, Evil Geniuses and TSM Snapdragon.  The teams were both big hits and we are excited for the upcoming competitions and blossoming partnerships. The ASTRO Booth really is the coolest spot to kick back and enjoy everything that PAX is, and has to offer. Thanks again to all our partners, crew, fans, and new friends for makin’ it happen. What a ride…



EG     TSM


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The countdown to PAX Prime has begun… see you in Seattle!









Ben noonan