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ASTRO has led the way in gaming with innovative technology, grass roots support, and groundbreaking personalization since they day we started. Our culture is new, still taking it’s shape, with old school stereotypes finally biting the dust.  As gamers, our competitive nature makes us passionate and zealous creatures, who strive to win. But, it’s a healthy competition that does not divide us. In turn, it brings opposing creeds and corners of the world together. Ones who may have never taken notice to each other, had it not been for their shared love of gaming. We are a community, but there is no denying we still pride ourselves in independence, creativity, and style. Those are some of the same traits that make our favorite video games so much fun! At ASTRO we celebrate these differences, embrace the ever changing industry, and push to grow with our community.



Since the release of our BXR editions and the Saints Row 3 styles, fans have been clamoring for a wider palette of the ASTRO A40s. Well have no fear, cause the NEON Ninjas are here!  Today we bring you the highly anticipated refresh, with the A40 NEON Color Series. The NEONS join our A40 family with a BANG, as the four most requested colors – Pink, Yellow, Orange and Red.







Can Neon Colors Improve Gaming Performance?




“ASTRO Gaming has one of the most passionate fan bases in the gaming industry and we’ve always paid close attention to their suggestions for product improvement – it’s a critical part of how we’ve maintained our edge, delivering technologically superior, professionally performing and cutting-edge products year after year after year. While there is currently no conclusive scientific evidence that Neon Colors can improve gaming performance there is no question that any player sporting a new set of Neon A40s is going to stand out in a crowd and may even distract a few opposing players!” – Aron Drayer, Director of Marketing.








The recently revealed 2013 Edition A40 Pro-Gaming Headset, including our new NEONS, feature an update to the popular Quick Disconnect Cable System, with the addition of the new Media Cable. All 2013 A40 headsets have re-tuned drivers and enclosures that give improved low-end response with less distortion at peak volume. We’ve also recently announced a significant permanent price reduction on our most popular headset, the 2013 ASTRO A40 Headset. Available now as NEONS for $149.99. Our NEONS are also available with our 2013 MixAmp pro as a NEON A40 Audio System for $249.99.









2013 ASTRO A40 Features:



  • New Neon Colors Customize your cans with four new high-style, neon color choices now available for the ASTRO A40, including Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Red.  The new neon colors join the A40’s existing black and white choices for a total of six color options.


  • Quick Disconnect Cabling System — Updated version of the ASTRO Quick Disconnect system, offering the same flexibility of using multiple cable types and lengths, but now plugging directly into the headset via a 3.5mm 4-pole jack instead of the original mid-cable release.  This increases reliability and durability while also making it easier to change to preferred cable lengths and update cables as desired.


  • Media Controller Cable — Designed to move freely between mobile, console and PC gaming, the ASTRO A40 Headset features a unique Media Controller Cable providing total audio control featuring: an in-line mic; an in-line mute;  a switch that toggles between in-line and boom mics; a multi-use call/pick-up/music track control button; and, a volume control wheel.


  • Best Sounding ASTRO Headsets Ever — The 2013 Edition ASTRO A40 has re-tuned drivers and enclosures with improved low-end response and less distortion at high volumes making them the most accurate ASTRO headsets ever


  • ASTRO Audio Experience — Engineered specifically for gaming, ASTRO Audio delivers audiophile-grade sound in a richly detailed positional audio experience.  ASTRO A40 headsets are designed for extended game playing, movie watching and music listening sessions and feature superior fit and finish.


  • Removable Mic System — The ASTRO A40 features a highly precise, removable boom mic, which can be removed and swapped from ear to ear for a more customizable in-game communication experience.


  • Customizable Speaker Tags:  ASTRO A40 headsets feature a magnetic, removable and customizable Speaker Tag system.  Tags can be designed online to create a unique look for teams, clans, guilds or simply for pure personal expression.



PDP_A40_Orange_1 PDP_A40_Pink_1 PDP_A40_Yellow_1



Pink, Yellow, & Orange NEONS are available now at AstroGaming.com as NEON PC Edition A40s and NEON A40 Audio Systems, bundled with the MixAmp Pro. Coming this Summer 2013: RED NEONS and the release of our NEON COLOR SERIES in the UK.  www.AstroGaming.co.uk  








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