ASTRO Certified Refurbished Products


Refurbished Astro A40 and A50 systems now available on our Ebay Store!



ASTRO Ebay Store: 



ASTRO Refurbs are pre-owned and opened-box products that undergo ASTRO’s quality assurance testing for resale. They are only sold if they meet the same technical requirements as brand new ASTRO products. We test and verify all refurbished products and offer our standard 1-year warranty with full support from our customer service team. There is often a limited supply, but products are added upon availability.




ASTRO Certified Refurbished Products


  • —  Quality ASTRO audio at a great price
  • —  In depth testing & rework prior to sale
  • — Covered by ASTRO’s Standard One-Year Warranty
  • — Supplies are limited




What’s included with my Refurb?

    • —  Fully refurbished ASTRO Audio System
    • —  Headset, MixAmp (if applicable) , Boom Mic, Speaker Tags (A40 systems only) & all necessary Power, Console, & PC cables
    • —  Quickstart Guide






ASTRO Refurbishment & Quality Assurance Process:


    • —  Initial testing and evaluation to measure audio, power, and physical quality.
    • —  Any defective components identified in testing are replaced with new parts.
    • —  All components are thoroughly inspected & cleaned (including new ear pads)
    • —  Updated Firmware
    • —  Verified Post-rework testing of audio, power, and physical quality.
    • —  Repackaged & marked with an ASTRO Refurb sleeve/sticker, confirming the QA inspection for function, cleanliness, and comfort.
    • —  All refurbished items have unique part numbers & serial numbers.
    • —  Refurbished products are only sold via the ASTRO Gaming Ebay store, with continued customer service provided by:




Current FIRMWARE Update Included:


Sometimes even the best made products need a little tweak here and there. The ASTRO Quality Assurance team has updated & tested every Audio System with our most current firmware option to provide you with a premium audio experience. To check the Firmware status of your Audio System, visit: and download the Firmware tool. Be sure to follow ASTRO Gaming on Twitter for news about future firmware & product updates.




Customer Support:


We want you to be satisfied with all your ASTRO Products. All ASTRO Refurbished Products are covered by ASTRO’s standard One-Year Warranty. For a formal and detailed solution please submit a support request at: Our experienced support team is ready to help with the installation & use of all ASTRO products. First, please search for a solution using ASTRO’s QuickStart guides, user manuals, YouTube videos, FAQ/Knowledge Base, and social networks prior to contacting Customer Support. For Billing & Ordering questions only, please call: 800-374-7401 (7AM-7PM, M-F Mountain Standard Time.)




Certified Refurbished ASTROs:



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-ASTRO Lovehammer




Ben noonan


  1. Recently I was looking for a latest android mobile phone in India, but most of the phone was out of my budget so it was difficult for me to buy but someone suggest me to buy a refurbished or carton damaged product as they are jut like brand new product. So thank you to Astro Refurbished and Gobol India for making it possible for me to buy a latest android mobile phone Samsung Grand Duos.

  2. i have a question where can i ask ?
    hmmm i will ask here

    are those refurbished headsets better than the new ones ( the ones that cost 250 or something ) ? i know i am stupid but i just dont know anything about astro so sorry for my stupidness 🙁

  3. Hello, wanted to buy a pair, but they are out of stock on amazon.
    I live i the netherlands so i can obly buy them off amazon, but when do you guys think they will be in stock again? And are there comming any other color then black anytime soon?

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