ASTRO E3 Recap: Part 2



As mentioned in our last post, the number of stellar titles at E3 2013 was incredible. The show had something for almost everyone: first person shooters, racing simulators, JRPGs, and even some throw back side scrolling action for nostalgic gamers like me. The ASTRO team was everywhere and got to try pretty much everything. Since the team got to try out so many titles I thought I would let them share their highlights.

Sonic at E3


Cole “Siege” Lovelady –


This was my first E3, and what a way to soak up the industry first hand. My head was spinning from all the new IPs, next-gen console announcements, peripheral goodness, giant statues, and crazy costumes. I was thankful that I had the experienced ASTRO Gaming Crew there to help show me the ropes. To open the show, EA gave us early access to review some of their best upcoming titles: Battlefield 4, Need For Speed Rivals, and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (PvZ Rules!). I spent the second day focused on trying to get hands on with Ghosts, Destiny, Wolfenstein, The Division, Assassins Creed 4, Watchdogs, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy. I was definitely feeling like I needed more time to see everything as they day was coming to a close. On the final day of the show, I made sure to spend some quality time with the ever so brutal, RYSE. I also got to finally get some time with the new XBOX ONE. What did I think? To sum it up, I’m sold. Microsoft, just take my money already! The final experience that is definitely noteworthy, was a flashback to the good old days with DuckTales remastered!


Cris “Soup” Lee –


Battlefront. When they showed that teaser at the EA Press Conference, that was the one and only thing on my mind the entire show. DICE + Star Wars = WANT.



Walter “Xariun” Duccini –


I didn’t get to spend much time on the floor, but a few of the new titles that stood out for me amongst the chaos that is E3 were: Project Spark, Titanfall, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’m definitely excited to play around with each of these as they all appeal to different parts of my nerdy nature.




Nick “Nickerfoo” Pitts –


Three things stick out in my mind: The first is Battlefield 4. Although we were playing on an Alpha build, it is exciting to know I will have a new game this holiday season on which to waste copious amounts of time. Seeing it in such early stages also makes me anxious to see what changes are implemented come release. I am also keeping an eye on is The Division. It seemingly came out of nowhere and was one of the most appealing games at E3. I’m excited about everything from visually on a new engine to their great work with cross platform gaming (console and mobile working together). Last but not least is the new Metal Gear Solid; it looks like the most visually appealing game I have ever seen. The new Fox engine can do amazing things; pair that with the ultimate storytelling and direction from Kojima and I don’t think anyone will be let down. 




Thadeous “Sly” Cooper –


In rapid fire order: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix because I am a total Kingdom Hearts fanboy. Battlefield 4 because I played it at the show and someone dropped a freaking building on me! Battlefront, I didn’t see it, no one has played it but if you put Star Wars and Battlefield together and they make sweet love you end up with me giving you all my money. Watch Dogs looks gritty and visceral, it makes my legs hurt every time I see the main character kneecap someone with his tactical baton. Fantasia: Music Evolved I really can’t explain it I just really enjoyed it and want to play it again!




Enrique “Oz” Espinoza –


As always, E3 put on a great show this year with the return of the console wars, new game engines and teasers for what we should be expecting in the future. EA held the spotlight on the floor which included great titles such as Battlefield 4 and a new Xbox One exclusive, Titanfall. Xbox and Playstation were side to side bringing in an audience to experience the new consoles for themselves featuring new demos and game updates. Ubisoft introduced The Division and impressed everyone with gameplay features such as graphics, mechanics and ability to join games through a mobile device. This years E3 was not disappointing and gave us a taste of what we will be expecting this holiday season.



Andreas “Nexy” Pierson –


With all the publishers and developers trying to grab your attention over the three hot days in LA, E3 can be pretty overwhelming at times. It’s fun to adventure and get lost in the sea of interactive visual/audio ecstasy. However, I find it crucial to drop an anchor somewhere on the floor to call home.


That booth, for me, was EA’s Battlefield 4 64 station setup. The 32 vs 32 competition was being hosted and casted by ASTRO’s competitive gaming friends, Corey Dunn and Goldenboy.  Additionally, ASTRO Gaming’s very own Lisa Malambri played video personality for all of EA’s live-streamed content throughout the weekend. I even made a new friend in Aleksander Grondal, Multiplayer Producer for Battlefield 4,  who graciously gave us an exclusive interview to answer some of our questions. Between the familiar, smiling faces and the unbelievable 64 man carnage happening before my eyes, I couldn’t of found a better place to rest between adventures.






That wraps up our staff picks for E3. Come back Friday for a pretty big announcement from the ASTRO Gaming crew!



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