ASTRO E3 Recap: Part 3 – Next Gen.




Thanks for joining the ASTRO x Skullcandy family for another unforgettable E3! We are wrapping up our 2013 coverage with Part 3 of this weeks blog series, featuring a recap montage, Battlefield 4 & Assassins Creed 4 sneak peeks, a Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX exclusive, and an important Next Gen. ASTRO announcement. With all the big news this year, there was almost too much for just 3 days.  For all the #ASTROe3 details click through our blog for Parts 1 & 2 of our E3 adventures, featuring the ASTRO Crew’s most memorable moments of the expo.



ASTRO E3 Recap: Part 1 & ASTRO E3 Recap: Part 2


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Did you hear that ASTRO & Skullcandy premiered 2 new partner editions at E3? We are honored to give you a sneak peek of the new Battlefield 4 Edition A40s/A50s, & new Skullcandy Gaming, Assassins Creed 4 Edition SLYRs. With both BF4 & AC4 set to release later this year, we’ll have more details about these partnerships & headsets in the coming months. What do you think?





Along with the new first person shooters, fighting games, and next gen titles, ReMasters & ReMixes left a big impression on the community. We sat down with Mat Kishimoto from Square Enix to find out what’s happening with the new Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX! Check it out:




We are extremely excited for the next generation of console gaming on the XBOX One & Playstation 4, and recognize it’s been a hot topic for our fans. As you all know, everyday since E3 the news has been filled with new features & updates for both consoles. We were very impressed with both systems and look forward to the upcoming releases. Thank you for your patience while we prepare for the revolution.






Regarding whether our current ASTRO products will work with the new XBox One and PlayStation 4, based on further dialog at E3, here’s what we can share at this time:


RE: PlayStation 4. Should work fine with our current products, but we’ll confirm in the coming weeks.


RE: Xbox One.  We’re working closely with Xbox to create the best ASTRO audio solution. 


For either or both systems, we may provide an upgrade path to our customers who purchased earlier this year or maybe even a trade-in program, but that decision is still to be determined. 


To be clear, we are in discussions with both Sony and Microsoft to secure the required next-generation licenses to develop new licensed products for both the PS4 and Xbox One. But we’re not rushing anything to market – we’re going through our proprietary design process; getting input from our pro teams and industry experts, to ensure that products by ASTRO will produce the best game audio and voice-com experience for our customers and eSports teams, worldwide.


We’ll do our best to keep you updated.Thanks for your continued support of ASTRO!





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– The ASTRO Crew







Ben noonan


  1. I am so jacked for this next gen! I would love to be able to trade in my 5.8 wireless a40 setup for a next gen upgrade! can’t wait!

  2. Is there a pre-order choice to pay for them and have them delivered once they are released? I’m speaking of the BF4 wired edition.

  3. Skullcandy are garbage. I wont be purchasing anymore Astro products it they’re going down that path.

    1. Astro has been part of skullcandy for awhile now. They still operate much like they did before.

    2. Been an astro customer for years and I can honestly tell you that the build quality of their products & the customer service remain the same as it was pre-Skullcandy. Seriously.

  4. Reading that blog, if you (me) got some Astros less than a year ago they’re gonna be usless on Xbox one, nice to know I wasted £200.

    1. You do realize that Astro has no fault in that. The gaming companies don’t release the specs of their products that far in advance. As a matter of fact, Sony STILL hasn’t realeased the info needed to make a Headset for the PS4. Notice you haven’t seen any PS4 Headsets yet.

      1. thats because its a USB, Bluetooth, or 3.5mm connection… why would you LABEL it PS4 when it works on pretty much anything?

    2. Yeah its awesome knowing you got screwed by Astro isn’t it? “They truly care about their customers”

  5. I am really hoping for an adapter for my A50’s that I just got in October. I mean these things cost as much as consoles these days. If I can’t use what I have or at least have an affordable upgrade path then my brief time with Astro is at an end. I realize it is not Astro’s fault but I finally convinced my wife to get me the A50’s. It will be a hard sell to tell her that they are now useless.

    1. I am in the same boat you are in. I really do not want to buy another headset when I dropped the $$$ on the A50s.

      1. I too am in the same situation. Purchased full retail price in Nov… now i won’t be able to use this for xbox one??

        1. Why wouldn’t we be able to use them for xbox one? I have mine plugged into the optical output in my tv. There is no connection between my xbox and my A50s.
          EDIT: oh the mics?

          1. theoreitically the chat audio can be handled on X1 in the same manner that it is dealt with on PS4.

            Your speech > transmitted wirelessly to Mixamp and through the usb to the PS4.
            voip from PS4 through usb to mixamp[ and beamed wirelessly to headphones.

    2. They work perfectly on my PS4 without a chat cable. I’ll let you know if I get them working on X1 after I buy one.

  6. I am pleased to read that ASTRO are working on compatibility with current headsets with the next-gen consoles. If they can’t find a solution, a trade in would be very very good as I only purchased mine this year in Jan. I have had a very good experience with ASTRO and they have reached my expectations yet again with this news. A lot of companies would not be as committed to their existing customers. Very honourable.

  7. I wish they would just commit already. Turtle Beach has already stated that they will provide a cable for their existing headsets to be compatible with Xbox One. Seems like their slow responses may push more and more customers to Turtle Beach at least during the period where they ‘determine’ if they will provide a cable or make us by a whole new headset/mix amp combo.

  8. My headset was purchased in November… I barely even used it for the current gen. Haven’t had nearly enough time to play recently. If they don’t come up with a solution for my A50’s to work on PS4 I’ll be beyond pissed

    1. PS: A firmware update and any necessary adapter wouldn’t be much of an inconvenience… Even if I had to pay a nominal fee for the adapter out of pocket.

    2. if you’ve barely even used it in the past 8 months, why would you be “beyond pissed”?

  9. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be able to use the a50. the xbox one has an optical output for sound, so all you would have to do is have the optical output going into the miniamp and then choice optical for the sound settings. Why should this be hard?

  10. I’m going to rage if my Astro A40s (pre-update) don’t work on these consoles. Astros are cherished, but aren’t cheap.

    1. I’d bet they give you a trade in option, if they can’t work it out…

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