ASTRO the official headset of PAX Prime 2013

It’s that time of year again! The ASTRO Gaming crew is heading to Seattle for one of the greatest gaming events of the year, PAX Prime. Once again, ASTRO Gaming has the honor of being the official headset of PAX, and this year the team has awesome plans for show! As always our booth with be packed with games, pro gamers, product demos, exclusive gameplay, and of course the ASTRO crew (the whole reason for stopping by the booth). The ASTRO booth will also be stocked with massive amounts of ASTRO Gaming gear, so if you have been wanting to add some A40 or A30s to your gaming setup, but have been holding out, PAX is your chance.


PAX east photo 1


Of course that’s not all! ASTRO Audio systems will be all over the show floor for you to try with the latest releases and upcoming titles.
“Where might I be able to find ASTRO gaming products?” You ask.
The answer to that, and I’m sure, a great deal of other questions is here:



But ASTRO would never let the PAX experience end with just the show floor. Attendees will also be able to find ASTRO Gaming at some of the best off-site and after-hours events of the show! This year we have partnered with Zombie Studios to put together the event at which to be (super correct grammar, ftw!). The whole shindig will be going down at the historic (don’t look that up) Crocodile in downtown Seattle. The party will be open to anyone with a PAX badge, so if you are at the show we expect to see you at the party.





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A booth, the show floor, and parties. Any normal company would stop there, but not ASTRO Gaming (mostly because we don’t like sleep). This year ASTRO has a few surprises for PAX Prime, surprises that wouldn’t be very surprising if I were to write about them here. I will, however, leave this little picture here, just right over here. Don’t look at it though or you might just spoil the surprise.



Ben noonan