PAX Setup done! Day 1 go!

PAX Prime 2013 setup is complete and the ASTRO booth is looking sick. There will be plenty of surprises at the booth this year including an exclusive playable demo. Konami has chosen ASTRO to show off their most recent title in the long running action packed undead fest that is Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2. Continuing the Lords of Shadow series players take on the roll as the legendary Dracula as his tragic past comes to light, and his story unfolds in both the past and the present. Konami has also recently released Castlevania Lords of Shadows Ultimate Edition on Steam for those who want to play through the back story.





For the e-Sports fans out there the ASTRO Gaming booth will be hosting meet and greets with LOL e-sports teams Solomid and Cloud9. Fans can stop by the booth and meet players from Team Solomid on Friday at 10:30am and Monday at 2:30pm. Cloud9 fans can swing by the booth Sunday at 10:30am and Monday at 4:30pm. Come hang with the teams, ask questions, have your picture taken, or just chill with your favorite player.





And remember, when you get tired from walking the show floor, fighting pirates, and falling in love with our new speaker tags, you can always take a break on our comfy couches in the ASTRO lounge located at the rear of the booth.


See you at PAX!



Ben noonan