The Foundry: Gaems


In this weeks edition of The Foundry the ASTRO Team sits down with Mason Wheeler from Gaems Inc. to discuss their mobile solution for full sized gaming.



ASTRO: Who are you?

Mason: Mason Wheeler


ASTRO: Who do you work for?


Mason: GAEMS Inc.


ASTRO:  What does your company do?


Mason:  We make gaming possible where no one else can.


ASTRO: Sounds impressive. Why then is your company awesome?


Mason: We are the console gaming problem solvers.  We make gaming possible at grandma’s house, work, school, the park, on a boat and the list goes on and on!


ASTRO: Nintendo might say the same thing, what makes your company unique?


Mason: We don’t just put monitors in boxes, we custom build the entire product to provide the best gaming experience possible.


ASTRO: The Vanguard is your latest product, what is it exactly?


Mason: The GAEMS Vanguard is the combination of a high definition low lag gaming monitor and the ability to take your gaming more places than ever before.  The protective case will hold and protect your gaming gear all while providing the best gaming experience money can buy.  You may never use your home TV again.




ASTRO: If you want gamers to know one thing about your company it would be what?


Mason: It’s not a suitcase, but once you buy it you can put your dirty underwear in it.


ASTRO: What is your relationship with ASTRO?


Mason: Astro and GAEMS both share a passion for high quality gaming gear that is designed with the gamer in mind.  Because we share this passion, it’s only natural that we show up together.  You see us paired together as co-sponsors of the two competitive Call of Duty teams nV and OpTic.  Personally, I carry my Astro A40’s with me wherever I take my Vanguard to game.


ASTRO: What game(s) are you currently playing?


Mason: Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Minecraft and I can’t wait for TITANFALL!


ASTRO: What game have you played the most throughout your life?


Mason: Definitely Halo…right now its COD, but Halo dominated my childhood.


ASTRO: What is your best gaming memory?


Mason: Getting to go to the Halo 4 Launch and meet the voice actors for Master Chief and Cortana.  While I was there I got a private photo shoot with the Chief himself in full armor next to a life-size Warthog.


ASTRO: Before you go is there anything else you would like to tell us about your company or yourself?


Mason: We have driven a Ford Escape over the GAEMS Vanguard and the Xbox 360 inside lived to tell the tale…we named her ‘Betsy’.


Ben noonan