PlayStation 4 Update

The PlayStation 4 has launched and we are excited to announce that the ASTRO A40 and A30 Audio Systems work perfectly, delivering both Dolby ®7.1 audio and in-game voice communication. Our team is working to provide fans a video tutorial on how to ensure that the game-to-voice balance feature on our MixAmp is enabled on your system for optimal use. We will post an announcement as soon as it is ready.


We are also aware of an issue with inbound voice chat for the A50 Wireless Systems, although Dolby ® Digital game sounds function perfectly as does outgoing chat.  Our engineers are actively working on a updated firmware solution. We will continue to update this post regularly with new information as soon as we have it.

*Update 9:32pm PST*

Anyone experiencing issues with the PlayStation 4 + A50 Wireless Headset and incoming chat audio please download 

this firmware update  for the TXD and apply it (PC download Only).



And this firmware update for the A50 Headset and apply it (PC download Only)




*Update 8:09pm PST*

The firmware patch is being tested. We will post the link here soon.

*Update 7:15pm PST*

We have identified the issue and are currently preparing a firmware update to resolve the issue. Further updates to follow shortly

If you have any questions about ASTRO product compatibility please visit our compatibility page here.


And as always you can find more information on all the ASTRO social networks:

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Ben noonan


  1. TY, i’m sure we are all Greatly looking forward to the Astro A50 update. It really does sound amazing and can’t wait to use it with chat also!

  2. so glad this works with the A40 🙂 picked mine up a few weeks ago for the PS3

  3. Downloaded the firmware, still can’t hear other players when they talk. I’m not even sure if they can hear me anymore.

  4. updated to the new firmware and my party can hear me speak now!!! Downside is I can’t hear them anymore.

  5. I downloaded the firmware, but now I can’t hear ANYTHING. no mic, no game chat, no sound at all.

  6. I have down loaded the patch and followed the instructions on what to change in setting still does not work. No incoming chat at all.

  7. i only have a google chrome net book how can i downloaded it it wont let me

  8. what helped me get my a50s to work. Was i plug in that mic that comes with your ps4 into the dualshock 4 controller and it somehow started the sound in my headphones. sometimes i can chat but its not consitent.

    1. Me too I can hear but the mic won’t work , I need firmware that I can run and open with maverick

  9. I can hear everything except chat, funny thing is my friends can hear me, any suggestions?

      1. plug a regular 3.5mm headphone into your controller and pull it out right away. you’ll be able to hear chat voice, i did it and it worked.

  10. you guys with problems to heart anything after update: YOU HAVE TO PAIR YOUR HEADSET TO YOUR TXD MIXAMP – ONCE MORE!

    since i did that, everthing works fine with ps4!!

    also, be sure you have the system settings done right on your console!!!

  11. I would also like to see a firmware update tool for the Mac (re-introduced, because I was pretty sure it existed a year ago).

  12. Will this work on the Skullcandy PLYR1 as well since it’s designed by you guys based off the A50s?

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