League of Legends A30 unboxing

The new League of Legends A30 Headset is easily one of the most beautiful gaming headsets of 2013. With its bronze accents, soft touch finish, and League of Legends edition speaker tags, it pays homage to the care and detail that Riot has put into the creation of League of Legends Champions and their lore. Even the custom box are has been designed to incorporate the uniquely exciting art style that League brings to the PC gaming world. The ASTRO Gaming Crew has many fans and avid players of League among our numbers and, because of this, the creation of this headset was no light task.
League of Legends ASTRO A30 Headset Box
For our artist The League of Legends A30 was an opportunity to create something that would exist in the world of one of his favorite games. Through a collaborative process with Riot our team blended the urban style of the ASTRO Gaming box with the epic character design of the League of Legends champions. The team’s enthusiasm for the project is evident in the final product, where even opening the box is an experience.
League of Legends ASTRO A30 Headset Box

League of Legends ASTRO A30 Headset Box Art

These pictures can only capture a small fraction of the unboxing experience; get yours today and get the full thing.


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