Go Beta or Go Home

The ASTRO Gaming Beta Program launch is coming, and that means many of our lucky community members will get a chance to try out new and unreleased products before everyone else.

ASTRO Gaming A38 Bluetooth headset

What is the ASTRO Gaming Beta Program?


ASTRO Gaming is asking the gaming community to take a look at our latest unreleased products and provide feedback. Some products released through the beta program will be offered to early adopters at a significant discount. The A38 Bluetooth headset is the first product to be released through the program at close to 50% off the regular price. Other products may be offered to beta testers at no cost to the testers.

ASTRO Gaming A38 Bluetooth Headset

How do I join the Beta Program?


Joining the Beta Program is easy; purchasing an A38 Bluetooth Headsets will automatically earn you an invite to this round. Beta Program invites will be sent a few days after a few days after the initial purchase of an A38  via email sent to the address used in the purchase.

Beta products are sold with the understanding that feedback is essential to the creation of the next must have ASTRO Product. Included in the Beta invite email will be a link to a feedback page where Beta Testers can submit bugs, issues, or suggestions they may have .


Why join the Beta Program?


Joining the ASTRO Gaming Beta Program will allow community members to try new gear, provide critical feedback for fine tuning products, and become part of the creation of the latest ASTRO Gaming products.

Every ASTRO Gaming Beta Tester will receive more than just the bragging rights of helping to create some of the best gaming products around. Some additional benefits of being a beta tester are:

• The ability to purchase beta almost-final gear at major discounts – around 50% off!

  • ·The A38 is available for $120 on astrogaming.com instead of the final price of $230

• The opportunity to give feedback on your Beta experience, which means an even better, fine-tuned final product!

• The option to trade in the your Beta product for what you paid in in-store credit

• A personal digital VIP card with unique ID good for 20% off at astrogaming.com, the ASTRO Beta Lab, and at live events such as PAX Prime & PAX East. (Good for 1 year, up to $200 off)

• Exclusive downloadable digital content

• Advanced access to future beta products

• A VIP invite to the A38 Launch Party in San Francisco with the ASTRO Gaming crew



The ASTRO Gaming A38 Beta Headsets will have a very limited supply, which means entry into the ASTRO Gaming beta program will also be very limited and based on a first come first serve basis. Make sure you don’t wait to get yours and miss the party.


Geek out!



And as always you can you can find more information on all the ASTRO social networks:

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Ben noonan


  1. I want these so bad! Give me like two weeks to pick up a pair astro!!!!!

  2. I keep trying to buy them but your website won’t except any of the cards I try, it keeps saying error processing payment, I have the money I checked earlier, I put the details i correctly it just won’t work.

  3. how about you give me custom pre-sets for my mix amp and adapter for xbox one. youguys promised custom pre-presets and that was over a year ago. making think twice about ever buying astros again.

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