Warfare in Your Backyard! PvZ Garden Warfare.

War is a serious matter, unless that is, the war is between your garden and a bunch of souped up zombies. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare launched this week (02/25/14) and the ASTRO Crew is loving it. I’m trying to keep Siege from leaving early to get in more play time.

PvZ Garden Warfare: Plants

PvZ: Garden Warfare does a good job of blending solid game play, balanced mechanics, and a really fun IP into an extremely accessible game that quickly becomes an addictive event. The lighthearted romp into all out warfare is something the ASTRO Crew is very excited to have partnered with!

Our new Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare edition Headsets and Speaker tags pull directly from the frenetic action of the game its self. Our team has brought some of the most memorable characters from Garden Warfare to life in our 3 A40 and 3 A30/A38 tag sets, launching later this month.

PvZ Garden Warfare: Zombies

Can’t wait to see you in game, and watch out for my Chomper!

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The ASTRO Crew.

Ben noonan